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Aliens (1986)

57 years after Ellen Ripley had a close encounter with the reptilian alien creature from the first movie, she is called back, this time, to help a group of highly trained colonial marines fight off against the sinister extraterrestrials. But this time, the aliens have taken over a space colony on the moon LV-426. When the colonial marines are called upon to search the deserted space colony, they later find out that they are up against more than what they bargained for. Using specially modified machine guns and enough firepower, its either fight or die as the space marines battle against the aliens. As the Marines do their best to defend themselves, Ripley must attempt to protect a young girl who is the sole survivor of the decimated space colony.

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  • Director: James Cameron
  • Producer: James Cameron (story by), David Giler (story by)
  • Famous actors: Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, Carrie Henn
  • Category: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
  • Country: USA
  • Rating IMDB: 8,4
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 18 July 1986
  • Duration: 2h 17min
  • Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Carrie Henn, Michael Biehn, Paul Reiser, Lance Henriksen, Bill Paxton, William Hope, Jenette Goldstein, Al Matthews, Mark Rolston, Ricco Ross, Colette Hiller, Daniel Kash, Cynthia Dale Scott, Tip Tipping

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Alien is an science-fiction horror media franchise centered on the film series depicting Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley played by Sigourney Weaver and her battles with an extraterrestrial lifeform , commonly referred to as "the Alien ". Produced and distributed by 20th Century Fox , the series began with Alien , directed by Ridley Scott. Scott also directed a prequel series, composed of Prometheus and Alien:
Sigourney Weaver stars in Aliens, the sequel to the blockbuster Alien, reprising her role as Officer Ripley, the sole survivor of the spaceship Nostromo's encounter with a deadly extraterrestrial. This time she returns to the very planet where her nightmare originally began with a squad of heavily armed marines, in a search-and-rescue mission for some missing space colonists.
The Tomatometer score — based on the opinions of hundreds of film and television critics — is a trusted measurement of critical recommendation for millions of fans. It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show. While Alien was a marvel of slow-building, atmospheric tension, Aliens packs a much more visceral punch, and features a typically strong performance from Sigourney Weaver.
Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Ellen Ripley is rescued by a deep salvage team after being in hypersleep for 57 years. The moon that the Nostromo visited has been colonized, but contact is lost. This time, colonial marines have impressive firepower, but will that be enough?
Aliens is a American science fiction action film written and directed by James Cameron , produced by Gale Anne Hurd and starring Sigourney Weaver.