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Assassination Classroom (2015)

The Earths moon is suddenly 70% smaller and permanently crescent shaped by a devastating and unknown force. For the students of E Class, Kunugigaoka Junior High School, the being responsible is known, as their teacher. The strange and very supportive entity has given the Japanese government a challenge to save the Earth from destruction. It wants to be the teacher of the class with the lowest expectations for success, in anything. The students, armed with special weapons that only harm their teacher, must find a way to kill him before the end of the school year. If not, summer break will be canceled by the end of the world.

Information: HD

  • Director: Eiichirô Hasumi
  • Producer: Yûsei Matsui (manga), Tatsuya Kanazawa (screenplay)
  • Famous actors: Okuma Anmi, Wakana Aoi, Shôta Arai
  • Category: Action, Adventure, Comedy
  • Country: Japan
  • Rating IMDB: 6,3
  • Language: Japanese
  • Release date: 21 March 2015
  • Duration: 1h 50min
  • Cast: Okuma Anmi, Wakana Aoi, Shôta Arai, Ozawa Guami, Miyahara Hana-on, Kanna Hashimoto, Riku Ichikawa, Ji-young Kang, Yuuhi Kato, Seishirô Katô, Ryûnosuke Okada, Takumi Ooka, Kouki Osamura, Arisa Satô, Rena Shimura

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Assassination Classroom
23 days
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Download movie Assassination Classroom
Aula de Asesinato
17 days
3.52 GB
Download movie Assassination Classroom
Sala de aula de homicídios
53 hours
2.66 GB
Download movie Assassination Classroom
Ermordung Klassenzimmer
42 minut
1.71 GB
Download movie Assassination Classroom
Aula di assassinio
24 minut
4.69 GB
Download movie Assassination Classroom
Assassination en classe
47 minut
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Download movie Assassination Classroom

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The series follows Kunugigaoka Junior High School's Class 3-E as they attempt to assassinate their homeroom teacher, an octopus-like creature named Koro-sensei, before graduation, while also learning some valuable lessons from him.
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The series follows the daily lives of an extremely powerful octopus-like teacher and his students dedicated to the task of assassinating him to prevent Earth from being destroyed. A single original video animation adaptation by Brain's Base based on the series was screened at the Jump Super Anime Tour on October to November