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Executor (2017)

Ruthless Assassin Kyle was raised by a corrupt priest who trained him to murder under the guise of executing Gods justice. But when a hit-gone-wrong leaves a young boy orphaned, Kyle reluctantly takes the boy in. With the help of his beautiful neighbor, Kyle begins to re-evaluate his lifes purpose and question the priests twisted logic. However, the priest refuses to let go of his best soldier. Now, this ruthless assassin will have to fight to save the lives of his new found-family from his own mentors vengeance.

Information: Fullscreen (FS)

  • Director: Moziko Wind
  • Producer: Michael Marcelin
  • Famous actors: Markiss McFadden, Paul Sorvino, Mischa Barton
  • Category: Action, Drama
  • Country: USA
  • Rating IMDB: 3,9
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 15 August 2017
  • Duration: 1h 33min
  • Cast: Markiss McFadden, Paul Sorvino, Mischa Barton, Robert Miano, Aiden Wind, Eric Roberts, Micah Fitzgerald, Van Ayasit, Julian Bane, Stephanie Betesh, Jordan Cann, Brad Coffey, Amiée Conn, Ali Costello, Craig Cranick

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An individual appointed to administrate the estate of a deceased person. The executor's main duty is to carry out the instructions and wishes of the deceased.
It evolves from Exeggcute when exposed to a Leaf Stone. All Exeggcute in Alola evolve into this form regardless of their origin. Its legs and body resemble a tree trunk, and its legs are thick with two-toed feet and a light yellow paw pad on each foot's underside. It has leaves sprouting from the top of its body, and Exeggutor has three to six round, light-yellow heads that resemble coconuts, each with differing facial expressions.
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An executor is someone who is responsible for executing, or following through on, an assigned task or duty. The feminine form, executrix , may sometimes be used. The role of an executor should not be confused with that of an executioner , a person who carries out a death sentence ordered by a government or other legal authority.