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Shivaay (2016)

Shivaay is a well-known mountain climber/guide in Himalayas. On one of his adventure he meets Olga and both fall in love. Soon they discover that Olga is pregnant but she doesnt want the child. But Shivaay convinces her to give birth to the baby, Olga leaves the country after giving birth to his baby without even seeing her. 9 years later Shivaays daughter Gaura finds that her mother is still alive and lives in Bulgaria. Gaura hates Shivaay for hiding the truth about her mother and insists on meeting her. Shivaay and Gaura travel to Bulgaria to meet Olga. They try to find Olga but she doesnt live at the same address anymore. While trying to find Olga with the help of Indian embassy Gaura gets kidnapped by a child trafficking group and Shivaay is left helpless as the Bulgarian police frame him of being child trafficker because Gaura doesnt look like Shivaay at all.

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  • Director: Ajay Devgn
  • Producer: Sandeep Shrivastava (screenplay)
  • Famous actors: Ajay Devgn, Abigail Eames, Erika Kaar
  • Category: Action, Adventure, Drama
  • Country: India
  • Rating IMDB: 6,3
  • Language: Hindi
  • Release date: 28 October 2016
  • Duration: 2h 33min
  • Cast: Ajay Devgn, Abigail Eames, Erika Kaar, Sayyeshaa Saigal, Vir Das, Girish Karnad, Saurabh Shukla, Sandeep Shrivastava, Amit Behl, Vikas Shorey, Pratik Khattar, Aakash Dabhade, Bijou Thaangjam, Ambika Oli, Buddya Sunari Magar

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Shivaay, the father of a young girl who went missing from the streets of Bulgaria, defies all odds and exposes the child trafficking mafia. But will his efforts help him find his own daughter who is being forced into the horrific trade? How will a mountaineer from the foothills of the Himalayas fight against the powerful Russian mafia, in the quest to rescue his beloved daughter? Learn more about Amazon Prime.
Lovers is an Indian drama television series which is broadcast on Star Plus and stream on Hotstar.
Star Plus' Ishqbaaz has been keeping the viewers glued to the television.
A story of an extraordinary man in an extra ordinary circumstance. Young, cool, contemporary, dext, swift, foolish, SHIVAAY is a Himalayan mountaineer who is an innocent everyman and yet is capable of transforming into a mean destroyer when he needs to protect his family. Shivaay sports a snake tatoo, a trishul tatoo, dresses cool grunge, his demeanor is calm before the storm, with abundant held energy, can pre-empt nature, his observation skills are as developed as his brawn. His anger is channelized for a larger common good.