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Zoi jeung gong woo (1999)

A well-known gangster is released from prison, and decides to go straight while trying to look for his daughter. His only clue is a troubled teenage girl, who helped his daughter escape the orphan home they were put in. Meanwhile, both are on the run from murderous Triad gangsters.

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  • Director: Tung Cho Joe Cheung (as Tung Cho Joe)
  • Producer: Tung Cho Joe Cheung (as Tung Cho Joe), Kar-Wai Wong (as Wong Kar Wai)
  • Famous actors: Alan Tang, Elizabeth Lee, Simon Yam
  • Category: Action, Drama
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Rating IMDB: 6,6
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Release date: 1999
  • Duration: 1h 48min
  • Cast: Alan Tang, Elizabeth Lee, Simon Yam, Andy Lau, Melvin Wong, Chi Fai Chan, Dennis Chan, Kwok Kuen Chan, Yi Chang, Jing Chen, Tsan-Sang Cheung, Tau Chu, Pang Hui, Feng Ku, Yung Kwan

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