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Rescue Dawn (2007)

In 1965, while bombing Laos in a classified mission, the propeller plane of the German-American US Navy pilot Dieter Dengler is hit and crashes in the jungle. Dieter is arrested by the peasants, tortured by the Vietcong and sent to a prisoner camp, where he meets five other mentally deranged prisoners and guards. He becomes close to Duane and organizes an escape plan however, the unstable Gene opposes to Dieters plan. When they discover that there is no more food due to the constant American bombings in the area and their guards intend to kill them, Dieter sets his plan in motion. However, an unexpected betrayal splits the group and Dieter and Duane find that the jungle is their actual prison.

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  • Director: Werner Herzog
  • Producer: Werner Herzog
  • Famous actors: Christian Bale, Steve Zahn, Jeremy Davies
  • Category: Adventure, Biography, Drama
  • Country: USA
  • Rating IMDB: 7,3
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 27 July 2007
  • Duration: 2h
  • Cast: Christian Bale, Zach Grenier, Marshall Bell, Toby Huss, Pat Healy, GQ, James Aaron Oliver, Brad Carr, Saichia Wongwiroj, François Chau, Teerawat Mulvilai, Yuttana Muenwaja, Kriangsak Ming-olo, Somkuan Kuan Siroon, Chorn Solyda

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Rescue Dawn
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Download movie Rescue Dawn
Amanecer de rescate
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Download movie Rescue Dawn
Amanhecer de resgate
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8.98 GB
Download movie Rescue Dawn
Rettung Dämmerung
42 minut
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Download movie Rescue Dawn
Rescue Dawn
45 days
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HD Cam
Download movie Rescue Dawn
Aube de sauvetage
39 minut
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Download movie Rescue Dawn

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The Tomatometer score — based on the opinions of hundreds of film and television critics — is a trusted measurement of critical recommendation for millions of fans. It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show. Director Werner Herzog has once again made a compelling tale of man versus nature, and Christian Bale completely immerses himself in the role of fighter pilot and prisoner of war Dieter Dengler.
Rescue Dawn is a American epic war drama film written and directed by Werner Herzog , based on an adapted screenplay written from his documentary film Little Dieter Needs to Fly. The film stars Christian Bale , and is based on the true story of German-American pilot Dieter Dengler , who was shot down and captured by villagers sympathetic to the Pathet Lao during an American military campaign in the Vietnam War. The film project, which had initially come together during , began shooting in Thailand in August
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One day an American fighter plane roared past "only feet away," he recalled. The plane's canopy was down, he made eye contact with the pilot for a moment and instantly knew that he wanted to fly. Navy pilot stationed on a carrier in the Gulf of Tonkin. At 18, he enlisted to get American citizenship and to fly.
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