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Ring of Fear (1954)

Three psychiatrists find that Dublin OMalley has homicidal tendencies, an under-diagnosis at best. OMalley kills a guard, escapes from the mental institution, and then kills a railroad worker. He changes clothes with the dead man and pushes the corpse in front of a train. He then heads for the Clyde Beatty Circus, having a yen for aerialist Valerie St. Dennis, now married to her partner. OMalley is also seeking revenge against Beatty. He approaches alcoholic clown, Twitchy, and, between booze and blackmail, forces Twitchy to commit acts of sabotage against the circus. The performers think the show is jinxed, so Beatty asks crime-author Mickey Spillane to come by and see what he can do about the situation, and the shows general manager, Frank Wallace, agrees to give him full cooperation and isnt seen much anymore. Spillane brings in Jack Stang to help him. Twitchy is about to go to Beatty and tell all, but OMalley kills him and makes it look like an accident. But the fictional ...

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  • Director: James Edward Grant, William A. Wellman (uncredited)
  • Producer: Paul Fix (original screenplay), Philip MacDonald (original screenplay)
  • Famous actors: Clyde Beatty, Pat OBrien, Mickey Spillane
  • Category: Adventure, Mystery
  • Country: USA
  • Rating IMDB: 5,3
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 24 July 1954
  • Duration: 1h 33min
  • Cast: Clyde Beatty, Mickey Spillane, Pat OBrien, Sean McClory, Marian Carr, John Bromfield, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, Emmett Lynn, Jack Stang, Kenneth Tobey, Kathy Cline

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Ring of Fear
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Anillo de miedo
38 days
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Download movie Ring of Fear
Anel do Medo
61 hours
7.74 GB
Download movie Ring of Fear
Ring der Angst
26 days
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Download movie Ring of Fear
Anello della paura
64 hours
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Download movie Ring of Fear
Anneau de la peur
79 hours
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Download movie Ring of Fear

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