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Boes (1987)

Welcome to the Funny Farm, an institute run completely by animals. At the top of the herd is Olly the Ox, a good-natured bull who takes in every animal friend he makes: a laughing mole, a sarcastic toucan, a bald lion, a hot-tempered rhino... with every friend he makes his farm gets a little bigger, and a little more wackier. But in spite of all the insanity and the animals mixing with each other, Olly still keeps his good heart and kicks in with his best effort to keep his farm going.

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  • Famous actors: Guido Jonckers, Gerry Middelburg, Piero Tiberi
  • Category: Animation, Comedy
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Rating IMDB: 7,8
  • Language: Japanese
  • Release date: 7 April 1987
  • Duration: 10min
  • Cast: Guido Jonckers, Gerry Middelburg

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It was created in [1] and spawned a popular anime television series between and called Ox Tales in the English-speaking world. The comic managed to outlive the animated adaptation and still continues to appear as a column strip in several Dutch daily and weekly newspapers.