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Creature Comforts (1989)

Off camera, with her microphone in view, an interviewer asks creatures at the zoo to talk about how they like their accommodations, whats good and whats bad, and what they miss about their old land. The animals interviewed include a family of polar bears - the youngest of whom likes it there, a large Brazilian cat (who misses the space and the heat of the Amazon), an ape whos a bit bored, a lemur, a turtle who reads for escape, and a chicken who compares her life favorably to the lives of her sisters in the circus. They talk about what they eat, their cramped and smelly quarters, and the technology of zoo life. Theyre thoughtful, philosophical, and reasoned.

Information: mp4

  • Director: Nick Park
  • Famous actors: Julie Sedgewick
  • Category: Animation, Comedy, Short
  • Country: UK
  • Rating IMDB: 7,8
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 15 July 1989
  • Duration: 5min
  • Cast: Julie Sedgewick

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Creature Comforts
76 hours
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Comodidades de la criatura
39 days
8.84 GB
Download movie Creature Comforts
Criatura Confortável
84 hours
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Download movie Creature Comforts
Kreatur Komfort
75 days
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Download movie Creature Comforts
Creature Comforts
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Download movie Creature Comforts
Conforts de créature
52 days
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Download movie Creature Comforts

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Creature Comforts is a stop motion clay animation comedy mockumentary franchise originating in a British humorous animated short film of the same name. The film matched animated zoo animals with a soundtrack of people talking about their homes, making it appear as if the animals were being interviewed about their living conditions. The film later became the basis of a series of television advertisements for the electricity boards in the United Kingdom, and in , a television series in the same style was released. An American version of the series was also made.
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