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Eddsworld (2003)

Eddsworld is about a guy named Edd that is constantly getting himself into weird situations and hi jinks that require a puny attitude and a great edducation. (Puns are Edds thing.)

Information: 2K

  • Famous actors: Edd Gould, Thomas Ridgewell, Matt Hargreaves
  • Category: Animation, Comedy
  • Country: UK
  • Rating IMDB: 8,2
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 6 June 2003
  • Cast: Edd Gould, Thomas Ridgewell, Matt Hargreaves, Tord Larsson

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Eddsworld is a British comedic series of flash animations , comics, and flash games created by the late Edd Gould. On 17 March , Ridgewell announced that he had given control over Eddsworld to Hargreaves and Gould's family. At the time of Gould's death, his YouTube channel had the most subscribers in the comedian category for the United Kingdom and was the 4th most viewed comedian of the United Kingdom. Eddsworld was noticed by the organizers of the United Nations Climate Change Conference who requested the creation of an episode about climate change, which was used in the opening ceremony of the conference.
Possibly long-lost relatives of Shotgun Man, these trenchcoat-clad teams have much better things to do than shoot their classmates.
Eddsworld refers to the online username and series of animations, comics, and games created by the late Edd Gould.
Mega thanks to everyone who voted for it, it's always an honour!
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He was known for creating Eddsworld , a media franchise consisting of flash animations and webcomics featuring fictionalised versions of himself and longtime collaborators Thomas Ridgewell , Matthew Hargreaves and others.