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Gunslinger Girl Stella Cadente (2004)

Angelica lies in hospital, and, even as she is visited by the other girls, she wants nothing more than to be with Marco. Marco on the other hand, who, despite the pleadings of Henrietta, is still procrastinating his visit. Meanwhile, Henrietta is upset when Jose tells her he wont be able to take her and the other girls to see the meteor shower, so Triela attempts to find a replacement chaperone.

Information: 1080p

  • Director: Morio Asaka
  • Producer: Yu Aida (manga), Junki Takegami (script)
  • Famous actors: Yuka Nanri, Kanako Mitsuhashi, Eri Sendai
  • Category: Animation, Action, Drama
  • Country: Japan
  • Rating IMDB: 7,7
  • Release date: 18 February 2004
  • Duration: 23min
  • Cast: Yuka Nanri, Kanako Mitsuhashi, Eri Sendai, Ami Koshimizu, Hitomi Terakado, Hidenobu Kiuchi, Mitsuru Miyamoto, Masashi Ebara, Norihiro Inoue, Masami Iwasaki, Laura Bailey, Troy Baker, John Burgmeier, Luci Christian, Dameon Clarke

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The episodes of the anime series Gunslinger Girl are based on the Gunslinger Girl manga series written and illustrated by Yu Aida. It adapts the first two manga volumes of the series over thirteen episodes which aired in Japan from October 9, to February 19, on Bandai Channel and Fuji Television. The series is licensed for English adaptation by Funimation. A DVD compilation of the second season, containing the first episode of the anime, was released by Media Factory on March 25,
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