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No. 6 Angel of Death (2011)

Another person in No.6 has suddenly aged and died, this time a woman who worked at the Twilight House that Safus grandmother is staying in. Shion hears about this from Rikiga and races to the theater where Nezumi is performing to inform him of the news. But during the play, Nezumi has a vision of a strange wind and song and he faints on stage. Meanwhile, in an art museum in No.5, Safu is looking at a work which displays three wasps when she, like Nezumi, is visited by a strange wind and song, and she also faints. When Safu wakes up, she is told she must immediately return to No.6 because her grandmother has died.

Information: HD

  • Director: Shinpei Miyashita
  • Producer: Atsuko Asano (comic), Seishi Minakami (composition)
  • Famous actors: Greg Ayres, Marcy Bannor, Luci Christian
  • Category: Animation, Adventure, Drama
  • Country: Japan
  • Rating IMDB: 9
  • Release date: 4 August 2011
  • Duration: 24min
  • Cast: Greg Ayres, Marcy Bannor, Luci Christian, Chika Fujimura, Kiyotaka Furushima, Hilary Haag, Yuka Hirose, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Chris Hutchison, Yûki Kaji, Kalob Martinez, Tsuguo Mogami, Yuka Nishigaki, Kei Shindou, Miyoko Shôji

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No. 6 Angel of Death
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No. 6 Ángel de la Muerte
81 hours
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Download movie No. 6 Angel of Death
No. 6 Anjo da Morte
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Download movie No. 6 Angel of Death
Nr. 6 Todesengel
51 minut
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Download movie No. 6 Angel of Death
No. 6 Angelo della morte
88 days
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Download movie No. 6 Angel of Death
No 6 Ange de la mort
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