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The Boy and the Beast (2016)

The latest feature film from award-winning Japanese director Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars, Wolf Children): When Kyuta, a young orphan living on the streets of Shibuya, stumbles into a fantastic world of beasts, hes taken in by Kumatetsu, a gruff, rough-around-the-edges warrior beast whos been searching for the perfect apprentice. Despite their constant bickering, Kyuta and Kumatetsu begin training together and slowly form a bond as surrogate father and son. But when a deep darkness threatens to throw the human and beast worlds into chaos, the strong bond between this unlikely family will be put to ultimate test-a final showdown that will only be won if the two can finally work together using all of their combined strength and courage.

Information: 720p

  • Director: Mamoru Hosoda
  • Producer: Mamoru Hosoda
  • Famous actors: John Swasey, Randy E. Aguebor, Felecia Angelle
  • Category: Animation, Action, Adventure
  • Country: Japan
  • Rating IMDB: 7,7
  • Language: Japanese
  • Release date: 2 February 2016
  • Duration: 1h 59min
  • Cast: John Swasey, Randy E. Aguebor, Felecia Angelle, Bryn Apprill, Kumiko Asô, Dawn Michelle Bennett, Morgan Berry, Z. Charles Bolton, Duncan Brannan, Ben Bryant, John Burgmeier, Jessica Cavanagh, James Chandler, Clifford Chapin, Luci Christian

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The Boy and the Beast
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El niño y la bestia
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O menino e a fera
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Der Junge und das Biest
36 minut
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Il ragazzo e la bestia
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Le garçon et la bête
57 minut
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Download movie The Boy and the Beast

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