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  • Watch A Chance in the World (6 November 2017)

    A Chance in the World

    A Chance in the World is the unbelievable real life story of Steve, a wounded and broken boy destined to become a man of resilience and vision. From the day...
    Year: 2017 Country:USA Duration: 1h 15min
    IMDB:9 720p 2338
  • Watch My Greatest Teacher (Information not found)

    My Greatest Teacher

    Patrick Fabian stars as Dr. Ryan Kilgore, a man plagued by an uncontrollable temper that stems from being abandoned by his father as a child. Trying too hard to be...
    Year: 2018 Country:USA Duration: 56min
    IMDB:7,3 1080p 5111
  • Watch The Trial of Socrates (Information not found)

    The Trial of Socrates

    Directed by twenty-three international filmmakers and artists, this omnibus consists of twenty-three contemporary visions of the notorious Socrates trial. Based on Platos Apology, divided in chapters, the film follows the...
    Year: 2018 Country:UK Duration: 1h
    IMDB:N/A 720p 5373
  • Watch Ah Yalan Dünyada (18 December 2015)

    Ah Yalan Dünyada

    No description
    Year: 2015 Country:Turkey Duration: 1h 43min
    IMDB:7,5 mp4 6651
  • Watch The Death of Socrates (Information not found)

    The Death of Socrates

    This is the story of the first martyr of free speech. Socrates is on trial for his life. He will be put to death and he knows it. 2500 years...
    Year: 2018 Country:USA Duration: 1h 24min
    IMDB:4,8 720p 990
  • Watch Doctor Ray and the Devils (26 September 2012)

    Doctor Ray and the Devils

    There is a kind of black hole in biography of famous Hollywood director, Nicholas Ray, something between 1963/67. After two consecutive flops in career, he left his family, young wife...
    Year: 2012 Country:Serbia Duration: no information
    IMDB:6,2 HD Cam 2482
  • Watch My American Cousin (7 March 1986)

    My American Cousin

    Having just seen the disturbing 95 teen film Kids and then the 71 pre-teen coming of age romance Melody, I grabbed one of my brothers tapes and watched for the...
    Year: 1986 Country:Canada Duration: 1h 30min
    IMDB:6,4 hq 6638
  • Watch Liberace (2 October 1988)


    As this picture was produced in 1988, these comments come 17 years later. This picture just showed on TV here in NY (USA). My mother was a Liberace fan as...
    Year: 1988 Country:USA Duration: 1h 40min
    IMDB:6,7 HD 5229
  • Watch Beautul (8 December 2011)


    Another V K Prakash film hits the celluloid milieu. This time around he has got a good writer, Anoop Menon, in his kitty. The script and movie is on a...
    Year: 2011 Country:India Duration: 2h
    IMDB:7,5 Fullscreen (FS) 5032
  • Watch Kartini (19 April 2017)


    One of the most beautiful moment is the dialog between Ngasirah (Christine Hakim) and Kartini (Dian Sastrowardoyo).What can I learn from Dutch? ask Ngasirah. Freedom, Kartini answer. And what you...
    Year: 2017 Country:Indonesia Duration: 2h 2min
    IMDB:7,7 mp4 2294
  • Watch Time Flies When Youre Alive (1989)

    Time Flies When Youre Alive

    Time Flies When Youre Alive is a gripping one-man show. Paul Linke recounts, in no small detail the highs and lows of his marriage, specifically around his wifes losing struggle...
    Year: 1989 Country:USA Duration: 1h 19min
    IMDB:8,9 HD 7532
  • Watch Speer und er (9 May 2005)

    Speer und er

    This docudrama rehashes already well-known facts but uses these facts as devices to delve further into Speers character. The conclusions are not always satisfying but by the end of the...
    Year: 2005 Country:Germany Duration: 4h 30min
    IMDB:7,5 HD Cam 5529
  • Watch Wolfgang A. Mozart (3 January 1994)

    Wolfgang A. Mozart

    I havent seen the whole film, only about half of it. I was sitting up one late night switching channels on the TV, when I found this on the Austrian...
    Year: 1994 Country:Austria Duration: no information
    IMDB:6,8 1080p 783
  • Watch Bruce Lee in G.O.D.: Shibôteki yûgi (26 July 2001)

    Bruce Lee in G.O.D.: Shibôteki yûgi

    This Japanese film is part docudrama and part Bruce Lee film. Bruce and a couple of other people work together to create the Game of Death story, and its philosophical...
    Year: 2001 Country:Japan Duration: 1h 30min
    IMDB:7,3 4K 4143
  • Watch Verdades verdaderas, la vida de Estela (17 November 2011)

    Verdades verdaderas, la vida de Estela

    In 1976, a coup detat by the Armed Forces replaced the argentine constitutional Government and policies of terror that trampled on human rights were implemented. In a few years, the...
    Year: 2011 Country:Argentina Duration: 1h 39min
    IMDB:6,7 mp4 3542
  • Watch The Case of Bronek Pekosinski (19 November 1993)

    The Case of Bronek Pekosinski

    Bronek Pekosinski lives in Zamosc, Poland. He is probably 83 years old. He has no family and does not really know who he is. Everything about his life is fictitious:...
    Year: 1993 Country:Poland Duration: 1h 40min
    IMDB:6,5 hq 6396
  • Watch SungBong Choi, the Boy with No Name (Information not found)

    SungBong Choi, the Boy with No Name

    Taken under the protective and guiding wing of a kindly Professor, a homeless boy rises to super stardom through his passion for opera after surviving the horror of being sold...
    Year: 2018 Country:USA Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A Fullscreen (FS) 1571
  • Watch Untitled Bill Graham Project (Information not found)

    Untitled Bill Graham Project

    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:no information Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A 2K 2762
  • Watch Kappalottiya Thamizhan (Information not found)

    Kappalottiya Thamizhan

    V. O. Chidambaram Pillai has devoted himself to the cause of Indias freedom from the British. Chidambaram, appearing for a poor peasant Madasami, wins a case filed by an agent...
    Year: 2018 Country:India Duration: 3h 17min
    IMDB:7,5 2K 1657
  • Watch Veerapandiya Kattabomman (16 May 1959)

    Veerapandiya Kattabomman

    this is an amazing tamil movie.................about kattabomman.........every one likes it....we see the real kattabomman through sivaji ganesan...........its awesome. It was one of the memorable films of Sivaji Ganesan, it was...
    Year: 1959 Country:India Duration: 3h 21min
    IMDB:7,5 4K 2272
  • Watch Sarah (Information not found)


    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:France Duration: 1h 48min
    IMDB:N/A mp4 7554
  • Watch Falling Angels (5 December 2008)

    Falling Angels

    I found this film entirely by accident when I tried to download a torrent of another film with the same name.A quick google search showed that the film is rather...
    Year: 2008 Country:Finland Duration: 1h 42min
    IMDB:6,3 HD 7501
  • Watch Chuzhaya molitva (18 May 2017)

    Chuzhaya molitva

    The characters are so bright and plausible. There are no redundant scenes in this film, almost all frames are just perfect, cameraman did such a great job. This film about...
    Year: 2017 Country:Ukraine Duration: 1h 40min
    IMDB:8 1080p 3537
  • Watch Anita Garibaldi (16 January 2012)

    Anita Garibaldi

    No description
    Year: 2012 Country:Italy Duration: 3h 18min
    IMDB:7,1 4K 6487
  • Watch Saving King (Information not found)

    Saving King

    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:no information Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A 720p 3563
  • Watch Nell Gwyn (3 January 1927)

    Nell Gwyn

    It seems that Dorothy Gish is easily forgotten, which is a shame due to the screen presence she held. Lillian was the dramatic one, and her works today are far...
    Year: 1927 Country:UK Duration: 1h 20min
    IMDB:7,6 4K 2589
  • Watch Sinfonia damore (7 March 1956)

    Sinfonia damore

    No description
    Year: 1956 Country:France Duration: 1h 35min
    IMDB:7,3 HD Cam 6888
  • Watch Paganini (31 March 1923)


    No description
    Year: 1923 Country:Germany Duration: 1h 30min
    IMDB:9,1 Fullscreen (FS) 675
  • Watch El Greco (15 August 1966)

    El Greco

    EL GRECO tackles the life of the famous artist who spent most of his life in Toledo, Spain and whose paintings are marked by his unique style of portraying church...
    Year: 1966 Country:Italy Duration: 1h 35min
    IMDB:6,2 1080p 816
  • Watch The Powers Girl (15 January 1943)

    The Powers Girl

    This film is based on the real Powers Girls (among the real life graduates are Grace Kelly, Lee Remick, Jennifer Jones)and shows Anne Shirley and Carole Landis at their best....
    Year: 1943 Country:USA Duration: 1h 33min
    IMDB:7,3 Fullscreen (FS) 931
  • Watch The Bonnie Parker Story (28 May 1958)

    The Bonnie Parker Story

    The Bonnie Parker story is very different from many other American International movies. It doesnt deal with monsters or spaceships, but with a tough gangster, Bonnie Parker. Bonnie is played...
    Year: 1958 Country:USA Duration: 1h 19min
    IMDB:5,9 mp4 6233
  • Watch Betsy Ross (17 September 1917)

    Betsy Ross

    Not being extremely familiar with the customs and ways of the 18th century, I cannot vouch for whether or not the story depicted in this film is historically accurate. However,...
    Year: 1917 Country:USA Duration: 1h
    IMDB:4,9 1280p 7260
  • Watch Liberace: Behind the Music (9 October 1988)

    Liberace: Behind the Music

    Too much is attempted to be told in 1 hour and 36 minutes.Victor Garber does turn in a convincing performance as the flamboyant Lee. Maureen Stapleton is his doting mother...
    Year: 1988 Country:Canada Duration: 1h 37min
    IMDB:6,7 2K 1602
  • Watch Jacobs Kingdom of Heaven (22 April 2016)

    Jacobs Kingdom of Heaven

    Jacobinte Swargarajyam released a few days ago, and being a Gulf malayalee of posterity, I punched in at 9:45 on a Friday evening, expecting something akin to a gentle, cute...
    Year: 2016 Country:India Duration: 2h 25min
    IMDB:7,6 HD Cam 2834
  • Watch Entertainment Tonight Canada (12 September 2005)

    Entertainment Tonight Canada

    Entertainment Tonight Canada is the nations entertainment powerhouse delivering in depth and breaking up-to-the minute celebrity, film, television and music news both on-air and online.
    Year: 2005 Country:Canada Duration: 30min
    IMDB:3,2 1080p 663
  • Watch Selma (26 December 2008)


    No description
    Year: 2008 Country:Sweden Duration: 2h
    IMDB:5,6 hq 5414
  • Watch George the Animal Steele (1987)

    George the Animal Steele

    Special about the legendary and ape-like wrestler and actor. Commentary from other wrestlers and stock footage, explain and define his life and legacy.
    Year: 1987 Country:USA Duration: 1h 30min
    IMDB:N/A 2K 7589
  • Watch Living Proof: The Hank Williams, Jr. Story (7 March 1983)

    Living Proof: The Hank Williams, Jr. Story

    Better or worse same song...same verse. Richard Thomas is unlikely cast as Hank Williams Jr. and actually makes the best of it. This TV docudrama depicts the rise of Bocephus...
    Year: 1983 Country:USA Duration: 1h 29min
    IMDB:6,3 1280p 718
  • Watch Aleister Crowley: Legend of the Beast (1 January 2013)

    Aleister Crowley: Legend of the Beast

    Aleister Crowley: Legend Of The Beast is a biopic of sorts of the more spiritual journey of the legendary man of darkness, Aleister Crowley. The film is written/directed by Dom...
    Year: 2013 Country:USA Duration: 1h 20min
    IMDB:4,5 2K 4537
  • Watch Abbey of Thelema (1 December 2007)

    Abbey of Thelema

    Aleister Crowley, The Beast,666, begins a Thelemic Commune in Cefalu, Sicily. Inspired by a true story,the movie Abbey Of Thelema begins with Aleister Crowley living in New York just after...
    Year: 2007 Country:USA Duration: 1h 20min
    IMDB:4,6 2K 4454
  • Watch Reed, México insurgente (5 January 1973)

    Reed, México insurgente

    Reed has a number of strengths, including its realistic presentation, good B/W photography, and location work.However, the film is exceptionally boring. There are extended (and repeated) shots of Reed doing...
    Year: 1973 Country:Mexico Duration: 2h 4min
    IMDB:6,8 mp4 6217
  • Watch America in Color The 1920s (2 July 2017)

    America in Color The 1920s

    The 1920s was a decade of unprecedented change for America. Soldiers returned from war. Well-paid jobs were plentiful. Women cast aside proper behavior, and the Jazz Age erupted. It was...
    Year: 2017 Country:USA Duration: 48min
    IMDB:8,6 mp4 6823
  • Watch America in Color The 1930s (9 July 2017)

    America in Color The 1930s

    During the turbulent 1930s the stock market crash sent the United States into a tailspin of violence and disorder. As one president flounders, another offers a New Deal, putting America...
    Year: 2017 Country:USA Duration: 48min
    IMDB:8,6 HD Cam 6974
  • Watch Cornelis (12 November 2010)


    For many years this movie has bin planed, but not until now has anyone dared to make it. Mainly because Cornelis was in life, and still is in death a...
    Year: 2010 Country:Sweden Duration: 1h 41min
    IMDB:6,3 720p 1094
  • Watch Tri spory (1981)

    Tri spory

    No description
    Year: 1981 Country:Czechoslovakia Duration: no information
    IMDB:7,2 HD 8562
  • Watch The Secret of a Great Narrator (28 April 1972)

    The Secret of a Great Narrator

    No description
    Year: 1972 Country:Czechoslovakia Duration: 1h 41min
    IMDB:6,9 1080p 4648
  • Watch The Kelley Williams-Bolar Story (Information not found)

    The Kelley Williams-Bolar Story

    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:no information Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A mp4 2030
  • Watch Tenderfoot (Information not found)


    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:no information Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A 720p 8358
  • Watch For the Living and the Dead (18 February 2005)

    For the Living and the Dead

    I did weep through the hole movie from the very first picture to the end of credits, but that was not bad feeling there was no angst in my cry...
    Year: 2005 Country:Finland Duration: 1h 35min
    IMDB:6,8 720p 4296
  • Watch Sagan (Information not found)


    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:no information Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A HD Cam 4280
  • Watch The Least Among You (12 January 2009)

    The Least Among You

    Inspired by a true story about a black college graduate forced to serve probation after the 1965 Watts riots at an all-white seminary that wants black followers not leaders. Encouraged...
    Year: 2009 Country:USA Duration: 1h 38min
    IMDB:4,9 HD Cam 7188
  • Watch Flamin Hot (Information not found)

    Flamin Hot

    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:no information Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A 2K 5377
  • Watch Anita e Garibaldi (6 December 2013)

    Anita e Garibaldi

    Far from the heroic cliches and with an accurate historical reconstruction, the film tells about young Giuseppe Garibaldis life in Brazil. His encounter with Anita, human and military learning, friendship...
    Year: 2013 Country:Brazil Duration: 1h 38min
    IMDB:4,9 Fullscreen (FS) 1660
  • Watch Sweetheart of the Gods (1963)

    Sweetheart of the Gods

    Much underrated German superstar Ruth Leuwerik, who gained enormous popularity as the noble, long suffering heroine of kitschy melodramas was already on the downward slide when she gave her best...
    Year: 1963 Country:West Germany Duration: 1h 39min
    IMDB:7 4K 3350
  • Watch Maxime 2 (31 July 2014)

    Maxime 2

    No description
    Year: 2014 Country:Spain Duration: 1h 44min
    IMDB:10 720p 6798
  • Watch Torres Quevedo: Summer Days - Parte 2 (3 July 2015)

    Torres Quevedo: Summer Days - Parte 2

    No description
    Year: 2015 Country:Spain Duration: 1h 14min
    IMDB:10 HD 8104
  • Watch Larry & Viv (Information not found)

    Larry & Viv

    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:no information Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A 2K 2031
  • Watch Mussorgsky (18 August 1951)


    Saint Petersburg, 1858. A group of composers known as The Five meet at Balakirevs. Young Modest Mussorgsky, both a civil servant and a musician, has become a fixture there. He...
    Year: 1951 Country:Soviet Union Duration: 2h
    IMDB:7,5 HD Cam 4347
  • Watch Jan Hus (29 May 2015)

    Jan Hus

    The life of Czech pre-Reformation priest Jan Hus, who inspired the Protestant Reformation.
    Year: 2015 Country:Czech Republic Duration: 4h
    IMDB:6,4 mp4 4918
  • Watch The Dramatic Le of Abraham Lincoln (21 January 1924)

    The Dramatic Le of Abraham Lincoln

    A biographical film featuring the presidency and assassination of Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War.
    Year: 1924 Country:USA Duration: 2h
    IMDB:5,3 hq 6325