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Luz de Soledad (2016)

Olga is an only daughter and she must take care of her father, Mr. Arturo, an irascible man of a hard character who suffers from illness. Exhausted by her job at the law firm, she needs someone to look after her at night and she calls to the last person her father wants to see: Sister Inés, a nun, Servant of Mary. The film narrates the beginnings of the Servants of Mary, a religious institution originated in Madrid in 1851 by inspiration of the priest Father Miguel Martinez and that Soledad Torres Acosta guided in its development and expansion until his death in 1887. These are difficult years in which Mother Soledad And their Servants of Mary are facing revolutions, epidemics and religious persecutions.

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  • Director: Pablo Moreno
  • Producer: Pedro Delgado (co-writer), Pablo Moreno (co-writer)
  • Famous actors: Inés Acebes, Ainhoa Aldanondo, Federico Alonso
  • Category: Biography, Drama
  • Country: Spain
  • Rating IMDB: 6,5
  • Language: Spanish
  • Release date: October 2016
  • Duration: 1h 47min
  • Cast: Inés Acebes, Ainhoa Aldanondo, Federico Alonso, Elvira Arce, Héctor Arteaga, Gladys Balaguer, Lucía Barrado, Carmen Bécares, Antonio Castro, Carlos Cañas, Laura Contreras, Roberto Encinas, Raúl Escudero, Lolita Flores, Beatrice Fulconis

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Composer Oscar Martin Leanizbaruttia, is a newcomer to film music and a very welcome newcomer he is as well. His music is filled with a freshness and a highly emotive aura that is not only poignant and haunting but it not only does its job, which is to support and enhance the movies it ingratiates, but also stands alone as an entertaining and enriching experience when one savours it just as music without the images. It focuses upon Olga who is an only daughter and when her Father needs care after becoming ill it falls to her to carry out these duties as well as working all day in a law firm. She becomes exhausted and turns to the Church for help and in particular to a nun Sister Ines, who is a servant of Mary, much to the annoyance of her Father.
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