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Miracle (2004)

The inspiring story of the team that transcended its sport and united a nation with a new feeling of hope. Based on the true story of one of the greatest moments in sports history, the tale captures a time and place where differences could be settled by games and a cold war could be put on ice. In 1980, the United States Ice Hockey teams coach, Herb Brooks, took a ragtag squad of college kids up against the legendary juggernaut from the Soviet Union at the Olympic Games. Despite the long odds, Team USA carried the pride of a nation yearning from a distraction from world events. With the world watching the team rose to the occasion, prompting broadcaster Al Michaels now famous question, to the millions viewing at home: Do you believe in miracles? Yes!

Information: 2K

  • Director: Gavin OConnor
  • Producer: Eric Guggenheim
  • Famous actors: Kurt Russell, Patricia Clarkson, Nathan West
  • Category: Biography, Drama, History
  • Country: Canada
  • Rating IMDB: 7,5
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 6 February 2004
  • Duration: 2h 15min
  • Cast: Kurt Russell, Patricia Clarkson, Noah Emmerich, Sean McCann, Kenneth Welsh, Eddie Cahill, Patrick OBrien Demsey, Michael Mantenuto, Nathan West, Kenneth Mitchell, Eric Peter-Kaiser, Bobby Hanson, Joseph Cure, Billy Schneider, Nate Miller

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See miracle defined for English-language learners.
Miracle is a American sports docudrama about the United States men's hockey team, led by head coach Herb Brooks , portrayed by Kurt Russell , that won the gold medal in the Winter Olympics. The American team's victory over the heavily favored Soviet professionals in the medal round was dubbed the Miracle on Ice.
In discussing the theme of biblical miracles, several important areas of consideration must be surveyed. First, exactly what is a miracle?
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