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Best of the Worst (2013)

Mike, Jay, Rich and the rest of the Red Letter Media crew brave some of the worst movies ever created by man.

Information: 4K

  • Famous actors: Jay Bauman, Rich Evans, Mike Stoklasa
  • Category: Comedy, Only one category Comedy
  • Country: USA
  • Rating IMDB: 9,2
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 22 January 2013
  • Cast: Jay Bauman, Rich Evans, Mike Stoklasa, Jack Packard, Josh Davis

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Best of the Worst
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Lo mejor de lo peor
53 minut
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Melhor dos Piores
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Das Beste vom Schlimmsten
48 minut
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Il meglio del peggiore
50 hours
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Download movie Best of the Worst
Le meilleur du pire
27 minut
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Best of the Worst was a show aired by Fox Broadcasting Company as a part of its schedule. Best of the Worst , hosted by Greg Kinnear , was a lighthearted celebration of the worst elements of life—the worst movies , the worst places to get married, the worst museums , the worst airline food, and the worst Elvis impersonators being only a few of the "worst" examples. There was even a special correspondent reporting from Japan , David Spector, apparently to prove that North America had no monopoly on life's worst things. Due to its Nielsen ratings it was cancelled at midseason.
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