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Hold Up Down (2005)

Two robbers, three cops, a wanted criminal and a former priests lives are intertwined when a bank heist goes wrong.

Information: Full HD

  • Director: SABU (as Sabu)
  • Producer: SABU (screenplay) (as Sabu)
  • Famous actors: Arata Furuta, Yûki Himura, Masatô Ibu
  • Category: Comedy, Only one category Comedy
  • Country: Japan
  • Rating IMDB: 6,8
  • Language: Japanese
  • Release date: 3 November 2005
  • Duration: 1h 36min
  • Cast: Arata Furuta, Yûki Himura, Masatô Ibu, Ryôichi Inaba, Yoshihiko Inohara, Ayumi Itô, Yû Kashii, Ken Miyake, Tomu Miyazaki, Leo Morimoto, Gô Morita, Hiroshi Nagano, Junichi Okada, Masayuki Sakamoto, Eihi Shiina

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Horudo appu daun , which just so happens to star the members of the popular boy band V6: In the film, Inohara and Miyake join to take on the lead roles, playing Kimata Choji and Sagawa Yutaka respectively, a couple of hapless bank robbers, who make mistake after mistake in their bid to redistribute some wealth in their favor. One of the worst blunders ends up causing their precious get-away car to get towed right in the middle of the big heist! Dressed head to toe in Santa Claus out-fits, this not-so-dynamic duo decides to hide its cash "earnings" in a train station locker, only to discover that neither of them have the correct change to operate the locker itself!
Old Saxon haldan , Old Frisian halda , Old Norse halda , Dutch houden , German halten "to hold," Gothic haldan "to tend" , originally "to keep, tend, watch over" as cattle , later "to have. The original past participle holden was replaced by held beginning 16c. Hold back is s, transitive; s, intransitive; hold off is early 15c.
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