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Lost Boys: The Tribe (2008)

The orphan and former surfer Chris Emerson and his sister Nicole Emerson move to Luna Bay expecting to initiate a new life without housing expenses with their Aunt Jillian, but she charges rent to the siblings for a wrecked house, and Chris seeks a job working as board shaper to raise money for the unforeseeable expenses. While in town, he meets his acquaintance and also former surfer Shane Powers that invites Chris for a surf parting at night. Then the siblings unsuccessfully seek out the board shaper and vampire hunter Edgar Frog in his trailer trying to find a job and Chris leaves a message for him. They go to Shanes party and Nicole stays with Shane and drinks booze offered by him. Later she becomes a half-vampire and Edgar advises that she drank vampires blood and can only be saved if the head-vampire is killed. Chris and Edgar search the hiding place of Shane and his tribe to save Nicole.

Information: 720p

  • Director: P.J. Pesce
  • Producer: Jan Fischer (characters) (as Janice Fischer), James Jeremias (characters)
  • Famous actors: Tad Hilgenbrink, Angus Sutherland, Autumn Reeser
  • Category: Comedy, Horror, Thriller
  • Country: USA
  • Rating IMDB: 4,6
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 29 July 2008
  • Duration: 1h 32min
  • Cast: Tad Hilgenbrink, Angus Sutherland, Autumn Reeser, Gabrielle Rose, Corey Feldman, Shaun Sipos, Merwin Mondesir, Kyle Cassie, Moneca Delain, Greyston Holt, Tom Savini, Daryl Shuttleworth, Sarah Smyth, P.J. Pesce, Alexander Calvert

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Lost Boys: The Tribe
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Niños Perdidos: La Tribu
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Garotos Perdidos: A Tribo
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Verlorene Jungs: Der Stamm
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Lost Boys: The Tribe
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Les garçons perdus: la tribu
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