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Raichi Hikari kurabu (2016)

9 pretty boys resist becoming ugly adults. They create a club to reach their goal of dominating the whole world. The Hikari Club. And so they start to build a machine- a robot, whos goal is to capture the most beautiful girl for them. Murder, Lust & Insanity, this horrifying yet comic story has it all. You there boy! I have never seen such an aspect in years of my fortune telling! There is a Black Star over you. A star not even Hitler had.. Kid, youre either gonna rule the world at 30 or die at 14...

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  • Director: Eisuke Naitô
  • Producer: Usamaru Furuya (manga), Keisuke Tominaga (screenplay)
  • Famous actors: Kisetsu Fujiwara, Yûki Furukawa, Junya Ikeda
  • Category: Comedy, Horror, Thriller
  • Country: Japan
  • Rating IMDB: 5,9
  • Language: Japanese
  • Release date: 13 February 2016
  • Duration: 1h 54min
  • Cast: Kisetsu Fujiwara, Yûki Furukawa, Junya Ikeda, Shôtarô Mamiya, Reiya Masaki, Ryô Matsuda, Shûhei Nomura, Amane Okayama, Junki Tozuka

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The year is 2XXX and Keiko Town is an over-industrialized stretch of blackened factories pumping out thick layers of smoke that cast it in a perpetual state of semi-darkness. The citizens of Keiko Town fare no better and walk around their dilapidated town in a stupor of hopeless despair. In an abandoned factory in an obscure corner of town lies the secret base of Hikari Club. The teenage boys of Hikari Club despise the adults of their community and have taken it upon themselves to eradicate what they perceive to be the evil and filth of the grown-up world.
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Comedy , Horror , Thriller.
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