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Trigger Happy TV Episode #2.3 (2001)

Vic remembers punk rock, gives advice on aromatherapy and ponders meat and veg, plus the return of a counciliatory Judge Nutmeg.

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  • Director: Sam Cadman, Dom Joly
  • Famous actors: Dom Joly, Bob Holness, Ken Hom
  • Category: Comedy, Only one category Comedy
  • Country: UK
  • Rating IMDB: 9
  • Release date: 11 February 2001
  • Duration: 22min
  • Cast: Dom Joly, Bob Holness, Ken Hom

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Trigger Happy TV Episode #2.3
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Download movie Trigger Happy TV Episode #2.3
Trigger Happy TV Episode # 2.3
62 days
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Download movie Trigger Happy TV Episode #2.3
Gatilho Feliz Episódio de TV # 2.3
33 minut
4.93 GB
Download movie Trigger Happy TV Episode #2.3
Auslöser Happy TV Episode # 2.3
51 minut
2.99 GB
Download movie Trigger Happy TV Episode #2.3
Trigger Happy TV Episode # 2.3
39 hours
3.97 GB
Download movie Trigger Happy TV Episode #2.3
Trigger Happy TV Episode # 2.3
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2.99 GB
Download movie Trigger Happy TV Episode #2.3

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Joe eventually regrets teaching Johnny Chapman how to handle a gun, as Chapman soon begins abusing his powers. Soon after Joe teaches Johnny how to expertly handle a gun, he leaves town and returns to Virginia City, a cold-blooded bounty hunter. His two bounties he is after: Martha Manor uncredited; saloon girl with blonde hair ,
The original British edition of the show, produced by Absolutely Productions , starred Dom Joly and ran for two series on the British television channel Channel 4 from to Joly made a name for himself as the sole star of the show, which he produced and directed with cameraman Sam Cadman. The show returned for a one-off Christmas special on Channel 4 after 13 years, airing Christmas Eve The show consists of Joly deliberately entering into ludicrous or embarrassing situations in public places, which were filmed surreptitiously by Cadman.
Spin-off Novel of 'Another' Announced.
The animation was produced by J.