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Ballad of dog beach (1987)

In Portugal, in the 60s, the corpse of a man appears on Dogs Beach. The corpse is identified as the major Dantas, a man wanted by authorities after his escape from a military prison where he was awaiting trial for insurrection.

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  • Director: José Fonseca e Costa
  • Producer: Pedro Bandeira-Freire, José Cardoso Pires (novel)
  • Famous actors: Assumpta Serna, Raul Solnado, Patrick Bauchau
  • Category: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Country: Portugal
  • Rating IMDB: 6,3
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Release date: 12 March 1987
  • Duration: 1h 40min
  • Cast: Assumpta Serna, Raul Solnado, Patrick Bauchau, Sergi Mateu, Carmen Dolores, Pedro Efe, Henrique Viana, Mario Pardo, Cucha Carvalheiro, Melim Teixeira, Luís Santos, Francisco Pestana, Teresa Mónica, F. Quiroga, Manuel Cavaco

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Ballad of dog beach
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Balada de playa de perro
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Balada de cachorro praia
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Ballade von Hundestrand
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Ballata di spiaggia per cani
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Ballade de plage de chien
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This poem is so adorable.
Beaufort Books Format Available: The first section of the book is dedicated to the detective fiction of Spain and Portugal. The second section surveys works from Latin America and the United States, where topicst. Paul Melo e Castro Languange:
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Inspector Elias Santana investigates the murder of Major Luis Dantas Castro in April , a few months after his involvement in an abortive military coup against the fascist dictator Oliveira Salazar. During this period, Cardoso Pires became a member of a leftist-leaning party, the Movement of Democratic Unity, and after its extinction he joined the Portuguese Communist Party , which he abandoned in , two days after the Portuguese Revolution, in order to experience the country in its bourgeois freedom.
So an english assesment this year was to either write two short poems or one ballad with the theme bush, beach, or 'burbs.
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