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Gideon C.I.D. The Thin Red Line (1965)

The Balaclava Silver consists of 100s of pieces of expensive silver crockery and is the regimental silver of a proud Scottish regiment that was a part of The Thin Red Line at the Battle of Balaclava. The pieces are gradually being stolen from the regiment and replaced with fake replicas. Suspecting an inside job, the regimental general wants Gideon to find out who is stealing the silver pieces. To complicate the investigation, it must be done discretely to avoid any public scandal.

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  • Director: Cyril Frankel
  • Producer: Iain MacCormick (screenplay by), John Creasey (based on characters created by)
  • Famous actors: John Gregson, Alexander Davion, Daphne Anderson
  • Category: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Country: UK
  • Rating IMDB: 8,6
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 3 February 1965
  • Duration: 1h
  • Cast: John Gregson, Alexander Davion, Daphne Anderson, Finlay Currie, Allan Cuthbertson, John Cairney, David Hutcheson, Gordon Jackson, Basil Dignam, Donald Pickering, Michael Meacham, Mary Yeomans, Guy Deghy, John Serret, Reginald Jessup

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Gideon C.I.D. The Thin Red Line
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Gideon C.I.D. La delgada linea roja
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Gideon C.I.D. A tênue linha vermelha
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Gideon C.I.D. Die dünne rote Linie
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Gideon C.I.D. La sottile linea rossa
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Gideon C.I.D. La fine ligne rouge
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Daphne Anderson starred as Gideon's wife, Kate; their three children were played by Giles Watling as younger son Malcolm, Richard James as elder son Matthew who seemed to have a lot of new girlfriends , and Andrea Allan as daughter Pru. Unusually for police stories, Gideon was shown as a family man at home though urgent phone calls from his bosses tend to disrupt family plans too often.
Library of Congress telnet: Commander Gideon and his team are assigned to protect the visiting German President.
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