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The Embezzler (1954)

Bank robbers plans for a wealthy lifestyle gradually turn to more noble aims.

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  • Director: John Gilling
  • Producer: John Gilling (screenplay)
  • Famous actors: Charles Victor, Zena Marshall, Cyril Chamberlain
  • Category: Crime, Drama
  • Country: UK
  • Rating IMDB: 6
  • Language: English
  • Release date: July 1954
  • Duration: 1h 1min
  • Cast: Charles Victor, Zena Marshall, Cyril Chamberlain, Avice Landone, Peggy Mount, Frank Forsyth, Leslie Weston, Dennis Chinnery, Olive Kirby, Phyllis Morris, Ian Fleming, Alastair Hunter, Michael Craig

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The Embezzler
48 minut
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HD Cam
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El malversador
70 hours
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Download movie The Embezzler
O embezzador
15 days
8.35 GB
Download movie The Embezzler
Der Verfolger
6 hours
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HD Cam
Download movie The Embezzler
Lappropriazione indebita
85 days
7.42 GB
Download movie The Embezzler
44 minut
4.46 GB
Download movie The Embezzler

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Embezzler legal definition of embezzler https:
See embezzle defined for English-language learners.
Embezzlement is the act of withholding assets for the purpose of conversion theft of such assets, by one or more persons to whom the assets were entrusted, either to be held or to be used for specific purposes.
The Embezzler , first written in , uses conflicting narrative voices and viewpoints to illuminate the fabled dimensions of American economic history as it was then understood.