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Imperfect Journey (1994)

Haile Gerima and Ryszard Kapuscinski travel around Ethiopia talking to people about their current situations and what needs to be done for future prosperity.

Information: 4K

  • Director: Haile Gerima
  • Producer: Haile Gerima
  • Famous actors: Haile Gerima, Ryszard Kapuscinski
  • Category: Documentary, Only one category Documentary
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Language: Amharic
  • Release date: 1994
  • Duration: 1h 28min
  • Cast: Haile Gerima, Ryszard Kapuscinski

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Imperfect Journey
57 days
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Viaje imperfecto
34 minut
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Jornada Imperfeita
81 hours
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Unvollkommene Reise
58 minut
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Viaggio imperfetto
4 hours
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Voyage imparfait
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Imperfect Journey is a Ethiopian documentary film directed by Haile Gerima.
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