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Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Jeff recounts how he took in struggling nerd Stu as junior partner, after Jeff rescued a beauty from a kidnapping plus nabbed a car ring single-handed, after bow-tied, all-thumbs Stu botched the car
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This is a list of episodes for the — American detective television series, 77 Sunset Strip. At present, this series has not been released on home video. This season was approached in a noirish way, and it was essentially a different show, with no connection to the original series except for two names carried over:
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Stu's search for the owner of some oil-rich land in Oklahoma takes him to Connecticut, and a black woman who is passing for white. Watch your favorite shows on Prime Video.
I have often wondered where the TV show was filmed. Because after all, there is no such place as
Each episode was one hour long. The show ran from to The series revolves around two Los Angeles private detectives, both former government secret agents:
He did not specify the cause. A square-jawed entertainer with wholesome good looks, Mr. Smith fell into acting after a chance encounter with James Cagney.
Jack Gilardi, who is the agent of Smith's widow, actress Ann-Margret, said the actor died Sunday morning at a Los Angeles hospital after battling a terminal illness. Smith had battled the nerve disease myasthenia gravis for many years.