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Anonymous vs. Steubenville
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Anónimo vs. Steubenville
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Anônimo vs. Steubenville
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Anonym gegen Steubenville
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Anonimo vs. Steubenville
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Anonyme contre Steubenville
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Brad Pitt's production company will allegedly bring the Steubenville rape case to the big screen. Steubenville" written by David Kushner. The piece focuses on hacktivist and Anonymous member Deric Lostutter's role in revealing information and exposing cover-ups relating to the rape of a year-old girl by two football players from the close-knit town.
I'm happy to see the town and higher authorities giving this event more attention. Also, that these are making it to reddit in a timely fashion.
Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Wilson came up with the original idea and will write the screenplay.
With Lostutter as a protagonist, the film to be co-produced by New Regency will no doubt focus on the ethos of Anonymous, as well as the strange legal standards that have landed so many hackers behind bars while violent sex criminals walk free time and again. Best case scenario, such a work could highlight systemic injustice and force a change—if not in the spirit of the law, then perhaps for Lostutter himself. The Thin Blue Line , an Errol Morris documentary, famously helped to secure release for a man wrongly convicted of murder.
April 2nd, , Hacktivism is on course to get the Hollywood treatment, and from a team fresh off a stunning sociopolitical success. Plan B secured the rights to "Anonymous vs.
The Steubenville High School rape occurred in Steubenville, Ohio , on the night of August 11, , when a high-school girl, incapacitated by alcohol, was publicly and repeatedly sexually assaulted by her peers, several of whom documented the acts on social media.