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Appassionata (1985)

Two teenage friends conspire to find out how much their youthful sensuality can disrupt one of their households, headed by a dentist and his mentally-ill wife.

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  • Director: Gianluigi Calderone (as Gian Luigi Calderone)
  • Producer: Gianluigi Calderone (as Gian Luigi Calderone), Alessandro Parenzo
  • Famous actors: Gabriele Ferzetti, Ornella Muti, Eleonora Giorgi
  • Category: Drama, Only one category Drama
  • Country: Italy
  • Rating IMDB: 5,2
  • Language: Italian
  • Release date: April 1985
  • Duration: 1h 36min
  • Cast: Gabriele Ferzetti, Ornella Muti, Eleonora Giorgi, Ninetto Davoli, Valentina Cortese, Jeanne Martinovic, Renata Zamengo, Carla Mancini, Luigi Antonio Guerra

Appassionata you can watch in good quality on a smartphone, tablet and PC. Supported operating systems Androyd and iOS. Good luck.

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