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Héctor (2004)

Adolescent Hector faces a major lifestyle change after moving into his aunts flat in a blue-collar suburb of Madrid.

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  • Director: Gracia Querejeta
  • Producer: David Planell, Gracia Querejeta
  • Famous actors: Adriana Ozores, Nilo Zimmerman, Joaquín Climent
  • Category: Drama, Only one category Drama
  • Country: Spain
  • Rating IMDB: 7,4
  • Language: Spanish
  • Release date: 7 May 2004
  • Duration: 1h 47min
  • Cast: Adriana Ozores, Nilo Zimmerman, Joaquín Climent, Unax Ugalde, Núria Gago, Pepo Oliva, José Luis García Pérez, Damián Alcázar, Mariano Peña, Elia Galera, Eduardo Marchi, Paco Melero, Miriam Montilla, Ian de Muns, Martín Mur

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