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In the Shadow (2018)

Exhausted from the demands of his abilities as a healer, Diego lives in isolation on a small island in his native Puerto Rico. However, his quiet life is disrupted when Hilary, an American documentarian, arrives to continue her project on migration and identity. Attracted to Diegos mystery and the local gossip about him, she becomes close to him, but discovers his talent has a violent edge, one that brings painful consequences to both of them.

Information: Full HD

  • Director: Nicole Elmer
  • Producer: Nicole Elmer, Jorge Sermini
  • Famous actors: Jorge Sermini, Michelle Keffer, Danny Trejo
  • Category: Drama, Only one category Drama
  • Country: USA
  • Rating IMDB: 7,3
  • Language: English
  • Release date: Information not found
  • Duration: 1h 38min
  • Cast: Jorge Sermini, Michelle Keffer, Danny Trejo, Javier Cabrera, Gil Rene Rodriguez, Dolly Camareno, Maria Lopez, Maria Lowfish, Miguel Marrero, Bibiana Gonzales, Amalia Sermini, Odile Nicole Del Guidice, Kevin Coffey, Carlos Dávila

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In the Shadow
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En la sombra
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Im Schatten
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Dans lombre
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Download movie In the Shadow

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