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Pobol y Cwm (1974)

A Welsh-language TV soap (the longest running BBC television soap) set in the small Welsh town of Cwmderi, in the heart of the South Wales valleys.

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  • Famous actors: Gwenfair Vaughan, Rhys Parry Jones, Huw Ceredig
  • Category: Drama, Only one category Drama
  • Country: UK
  • Rating IMDB: 8,1
  • Language: Welsh
  • Release date: 16 October 1974
  • Duration: 25min
  • Cast: Gwenfair Vaughan, Rhys Parry Jones, Huw Ceredig, Dewi Rhys Williams, Siw Hughes, Griff Harries, James Wilbraham, Dan Broderick, Victoria Plucknett

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Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. IMDb goes behind-the-scenes with movie prop master Russell Bobbitt to learn the secrets and stories behind iconic props from Avengers: IMDb in Partnership with Zippo. Pobol Y Cwm is set in the village of Cwmderi in Carmarthenshire not Ceredigion or Cardiganshire to give it it's English name It is by far and away the best soap opera to be made in Britain at the present time, it has it all.
Pobol y Cwm People of the Valley ; Welsh pronunciation:
Mae Cadno'n ceisio dadansoddi newyddion syfrdanol Eileen. A all Dai a Diane rwystro DJ