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Solanin (2010)

Meiko and Taneda are a couple graduated from university two years ago. Unhappy with their lives, Meiko quits her job and encourages Taneda to have this band become professional. They ultimately fail when their CDs are rejected by the record companies. Realizing he has to return to his menial profession and have failed in his dream, Taneda speeds through a red light on his motorcycle and dies in a traffic accident. After his death, Meiko takes over Tanedas position in the band to find the meaning of life. After performing a small gig, the plot concludes with Meiko taking up a new job and the other band members returning to their daily regimen.

Information: 720p

  • Director: Takahiro Miki
  • Producer: Inio Asano (manga), Izumi Takahashi (screenplay)
  • Famous actors: Takao Handa, Arata Iura, Kenta Kiritani
  • Category: Drama, Only one category Drama
  • Country: Japan
  • Rating IMDB: 7,2
  • Language: Japanese
  • Release date: 3 April 2010
  • Duration: 2h 6min
  • Cast: Takao Handa, Arata Iura, Kenta Kiritani, Yoichi Kondo, Kengo Kôra, Aoi Miyazaki, Natsuki Okamoto

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It was serialised in Shogakukan 's Weekly Young Sunday from to
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