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State of Affairs Masquerade (2014)

Charlie and Maureen accompany President Payton to Qatar on a diplomatic trip. What begins as a standard mission of diplomacy becomes a disaster when a Qatar national infiltrates the American embassy claiming to be CIA. Constance tasks Charlie to find out if hes telling the truth. Meanwhile Lucas, Dash and Kurt work to track down Al Moosari, believed to be a direct link to Omar Fatah. Kurt has a run-in with a walk-in who claims to have found a valuable backdoor into highly valuable communications. Nick, still MIA, is violently interrogated by a masked man. Charlie finally takes desperate and dangerous measures to remember the events of the convoy attack.

Information: 1080p

  • Director: Joe Carnahan
  • Producer: Alexi Hawley (created by), Adam R. Perlman
  • Famous actors: Katherine Heigl, Alfre Woodard, Adam Kaufman
  • Category: Drama, Thriller
  • Country: USA
  • Rating IMDB: 8
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 22 December 2014
  • Duration: 42min
  • Cast: Katherine Heigl, Alfre Woodard, Adam Kaufman, Sheila Vand, Cliff Chamberlain, Tommy Savas, David Harbour, Omid Abtahi, Farshad Farahat, Christopher Maher, Chris McKenna, Jenny Pellicer, Mark Tallman, Mayank Bhatter, Ben Hernandez Bray

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State of Affairs Masquerade
41 hours
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Estado de Asuntos Mascarada
50 minut
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Download movie State of Affairs Masquerade
Masquerade do estado de negócio
34 minut
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Download movie State of Affairs Masquerade
State of Affairs Maskerade
32 minut
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Download movie State of Affairs Masquerade
Mascherata dello stato degli affari
89 days
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Download movie State of Affairs Masquerade
État de la mascarade
38 days
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Download movie State of Affairs Masquerade

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On the last episode, now that a portion of the convoy attack report had been leaked, President Payton Alfre Woodard had a lot of questions for Nick Vera guest star Chris L. Unfortunately, he seemed to be MIA.
Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Hereditary star Alex Wolff reveals the top five performances that make his skin crawl, from Psycho to Rosemary's Baby. Masquerade 22 Dec Charlie and Maureen accompany President Payton to Qatar on a diplomatic trip.
Unfortunately, all is not right in this little band of diplomats. He eventually catches up to the convoy right as it passes through the gates. The motorcyclist manages makes it through before they close, but receives third degree burns after the guards shoot at his motorcycle and cause it to catch on fire. As he thrashes about in pain on the embassy grounds, the man yells that he works for the CIA, which surprises everyone.