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The Laureate (2018)

Set against the glamorous backdrop of Britains roaring 20s, The Laureate tells the story of young British War Poet Robert Graves, who is married with four children when he meets and becomes romantically involved with Laura Riding, a writer from America. Defying the conventions of polite society, Riding moves in with Graves and his wife living as a menage a tois. Then with the arrival of strappingly handsome Irish poet Geoffrey Phibbs, the arrangement becomes a menage a quatre. But soon tensions and rivalries become so fraught that Graves is a suspect for attempted murder.

Information: 1080p

  • Director: William Nunez
  • Producer: William Nunez (original screenplay)
  • Famous actors: Laura Haddock, Dianna Agron, Tom Hughes
  • Category: Drama, Only one category Drama
  • Country: UK
  • Language: English
  • Release date: Information not found
  • Cast: Laura Haddock, Dianna Agron, Kathy Bates, Tom Hughes, Derek Jacobi

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The Laureate
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El Laureado
22 days
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O laureado
60 days
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Der Preisträger
51 minut
3.48 GB
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Il laureato
42 days
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Le Lauréat
61 hours
5.66 GB
Download movie The Laureate

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