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The Salesman
58 minut
6.87 GB
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El vendedor
45 minut
2.50 GB
Download movie The Salesman
O vendedor
88 days
9.11 GB
Download movie The Salesman
Der Verkäufer
59 minut
6.43 GB
HD Cam
Download movie The Salesman
Il venditore
57 days
5.13 GB
Download movie The Salesman
Le vendeur
11 days
8.59 GB
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See salesman defined for English-language learners.
See salesman defined for English-language learners.
Sales is an art. Part assertive, part passive, if you balance the persuasion and charisma of a great salesperson, you'll be able to sell ketchup popsicles to a woman in white gloves on the 4th of July although something slightly more practical is recommended.
See salesman defined for English-language learners. See salesman defined for kids. He was the company's best salesman last year.