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The Secret of the Whales (2010)

In New Zealand, a scientist, his family and down-on-his-luck investigator are trying to prove that the beaching of the local whale population is caused by activities of a corporation which is searching for natural gas in the area.

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  • Director: Philipp Kadelbach
  • Producer: Matthias Popp (story), Richard Reitinger
  • Famous actors: Veronica Ferres, Christopher Lambert, Mario Adorf
  • Category: Drama, Only one category Drama
  • Country: Germany
  • Rating IMDB: 5,2
  • Language: German
  • Release date: 3 January 2010
  • Duration: 3h
  • Cast: Veronica Ferres, Christopher Lambert, Mario Adorf, Alicia von Rittberg, Fritz Karl, Bruno F. Apitz, Leon Clingman, Joe Dekkers-Reihana, Gary Green, Jana Kleyn, Darron Meyer, Sean Cameron Michael, Paulina Nemcova, Rawiri Paratene, Paula Paul

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The Secret of the Whales
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El secreto de las ballenas
26 days
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Download movie The Secret of the Whales
O Segredo das Baleias
55 minut
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Download movie The Secret of the Whales
Das Geheimnis der Wale
50 minut
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Download movie The Secret of the Whales
Il segreto delle balene
77 hours
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Download movie The Secret of the Whales
Le secret des baleines
65 hours
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Download movie The Secret of the Whales

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The Secret Lives of Whales. The focus was deep-diving toothed species found in Hawaiian waters—beaked, short-finned pilot, and endangered sperm whales. While extensive work has been done throughout most parts of the world to study whale migrations and concentrations, much less work had been done to understand the factors that control these migrations. Adrienne Copeland, a Ph.
Whales are known to be intelligent and have social behaviours. But so much remains a mystery. They travel long distances moving between polar waters for food and warmer waters to give birth. On the way, males sing when alone, seemingly to attract females.
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The second book in a series that explores little-known history about Australia's fascinating past. Barney Bean is keen to make his fortune and he hears a secret; a sailor's secret about the treasure of the colony.
Located in an inaccessible part of the Greenland Sea, the hideaway has become a refuge for the whales, which are among the most endangered on the planet. More than one hundred bowhead whales are thought to use the refuge, which has become a sanctuary that may help whale numbers recover from centuries of hunting. View image of The fate that used to befall bowhead whales Credit:
By Khaleda Rahman for MailOnline. Scientists may have found the key to prolonging human life after discovering the genes that give the world's longest lived mammals a lifespan of more than years. By studying the genetic patterns of the bowhead whale, researchers found the unique genes linked to resisting cancer and repairing DNA damage.