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There Will Be Blood (2008)

The intersecting life stories of Daniel Plainview and Eli Sunday in early twentieth century California presents miner-turned-oilman Daniel Plainview, a driven man who will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. He works hard but also takes advantage of those around him at their expense if need be. His business partner/son (H.W.) is, in reality, an acquired child whose true biological single-parent father (working on one of Daniels rigs) died in a workplace accident. Daniel is deeply protective of H.W. if only for what H.W. brings to the partnership. Eli Sunday is one in a pair of twins whose family farm Daniel purchases for the major oil deposit located on it. Eli, a local preacher and a self-proclaimed faith healer, wants the money from the sale of the property to finance his own church. The lives of the two competitive men often clash as Daniel pumps oil off the property and tries to acquire all the surrounding land at bargain prices to be able to build a pipeline to the ...

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  • Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
  • Producer: Paul Thomas Anderson (written for the screen by), Upton Sinclair (novel)
  • Famous actors: Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano, Ciarán Hinds
  • Category: Drama, Only one category Drama
  • Country: USA
  • Rating IMDB: 8,1
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 25 January 2008
  • Duration: 2h 38min
  • Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis, Martin Stringer, Matthew Braden Stringer, Jacob Stringer, Joseph Mussey, Barry Del Sherman, Harrison Taylor, Stockton Taylor, Paul F. Tompkins, Dillon Freasier, Kevin Breznahan, Jim Meskimen, Erica Sullivan, Randall Carver, Coco Leigh

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There Will Be Blood
27 minut
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Download movie There Will Be Blood
Habrá sangre
17 hours
9.45 GB
Download movie There Will Be Blood
Haverá sangue
76 hours
7.56 GB
Download movie There Will Be Blood
Es wird Blut sein
18 minut
9.97 GB
Download movie There Will Be Blood
Ci sarà del sangue
58 minut
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Download movie There Will Be Blood
Il y aura du sang
40 days
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Download movie There Will Be Blood

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The story chronicles the life and times of one Daniel Plainview Daniel Day-Lewis , who transforms himself from a down-and-out silver miner raising a son on his own into a self-made oil tycoon. Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started. Redeem a gift card or promotion code. Learn more about Amazon Prime.
The voice of the oil man sounds made of oil, gristle and syrup.
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