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Droopys Double Trouble (1951)

Droopy and his identical twin brother Drippy are assigned to look after a house, and are told to deal violently with strangers. But Droopy takes pity on his friend Spike, and agrees to put him up for a few days - but he forgets to warn Drippy...

Information: 1280p

  • Director: Tex Avery
  • Producer: Rich Hogan
  • Famous actors: Bill Thompson, Daws Butler
  • Category: Family, Animation, Short
  • Country: USA
  • Rating IMDB: 7,5
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 17 November 1951
  • Duration: 7min
  • Cast: Daws Butler, Bill Thompson

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Droopys Double Trouble
40 minut
3.69 GB
Download movie Droopys Double Trouble
Doble problema de Droopy
45 days
7.35 GB
Download movie Droopys Double Trouble
Problema Duplo de Droopy
34 minut
3.16 GB
Download movie Droopys Double Trouble
Droopys Double Trouble
86 days
8.42 GB
Download movie Droopys Double Trouble
Droopys Double Trouble
43 hours
3.54 GB
Download movie Droopys Double Trouble
Le double problème de Droopy
78 hours
2.73 GB
Download movie Droopys Double Trouble

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Tex Avery Release Date:
Droopy's "Double Trouble" is the 11th animated short featuring Droopy , notable for being the first short to introduce a relative of Droopy's. Droopy is presented here as a manservant working for an unseen master, who is going away for a few days with the head butler, Mr. As they are packing the master's clothes, Mr. Theeves requests that Droopy acquire someone to help him around the house while they are away, and the first person to come to Droopy's mind is his identical twin brother, Drippy.