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Idol × Warrior: Miracle Tunes! (2017)

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Information: 1080p

  • Category: Fantasy, Only one category Fantasy
  • Country: Japan
  • Language: Japanese
  • Release date: 2 April 2017

Idol × Warrior: Miracle Tunes! you can watch in good quality on a smartphone, tablet and PC. Supported operating systems Androyd and iOS. Enjoy.

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Idol × Warrior: Miracle Tunes!
95 days
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Download movie Idol × Warrior: Miracle Tunes!
Ídolo × Guerrero: Miracle Tunes!
32 days
1.60 GB
Download movie Idol × Warrior: Miracle Tunes!
Ídolo × Guerreiro: Canções Milagrosas!
46 hours
7.33 GB
Download movie Idol × Warrior: Miracle Tunes!
Idol × Krieger: Wunder Tunes!
72 days
7.63 GB
Download movie Idol × Warrior: Miracle Tunes!
Idol × Warrior: Miracle Tunes!
47 hours
3.7 GB
Download movie Idol × Warrior: Miracle Tunes!
Idol × Guerrier: Miracle Tunes!
59 minut
6.64 GB
Download movie Idol × Warrior: Miracle Tunes!

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Taisetsuna na Hito ni Hanataba wo.
Idol x Warrior Miracle Tunes! The catchphrase is "Live Start! We'll tune up your bad heart!
According to the official website, the heroines will defeat evil with live dances and music in order to protect the world. The Land of Music ruled by the Demon King. They like the musical genres rock, pop, and classical music respectively. All English translations are accredited to The Tokusatsu Network staff members.
The country of music is in a different world to the humans. Here, they have a treasure called a "Sound Jewel" that gives magic powers to whoever has it. The Demon King plans to conquer the world with it, so with the Poison Cup, he took over the music country and stole the Sound Jewels. He dyed the sound jewels and transformed them into "Negative Jewels", those who picked it up were also dyed.
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