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  • Watch Vivát, Benyovszky! (16 November 1975)

    Vivát, Benyovszky!

    I remember watching this TV serial in the late 1970s. Explicitly, it was outstanding because it relayed adventures in far away countries yet its heroes were of Slav nationality. The...
    Year: 1975 Country:Hungary Duration: no information
    IMDB:7,6 Full HD 4968
  • Watch Two Deaths of Adolf Hitler (30 April 1975)

    Two Deaths of Adolf Hitler

    Te Russians claimed that Hitler was still alive and was a British prisoner, at first. Then they said his corpse had been autopsied by themselves. Hitlers in-house people in the...
    Year: 1975 Country:UK Duration: 52min
    IMDB:8 2K 7375
  • Watch Anarkali (Information not found)


    Aye bad-e-saba ahista chal, yeha soi huyi hai Anarkali: this 1953 version of the legendary romance between Salim and Anarkali is marked timeless by C. Ramachandras music. Hemanta Kumar and...
    Year: 2018 Country:India Duration: 2h 55min
    IMDB:7,4 2K 5356
  • Watch Kurulus (1986)


    First of all, I do not understand how every Turkish movie gets such a high vote? Seems Turkish people always votes high with no understanding of what a decent movie...
    Year: 1986 Country:Turkey Duration: 2h 8min
    IMDB:7,5 hq 6720
  • Watch Oborona Sevastopolya (9 December 1911)

    Oborona Sevastopolya

    First film ever that was shot by two cameras. Set in 1854-1855, in Sevastopol and Yalta during the Crimean War. Admirals Kornilov (Mozzhukhin) and Nakhimov (Gromov) organize the defense during...
    Year: 1911 Country:Russia Duration: 1h 40min
    IMDB:6 4K 8141
  • Watch Tempest (July 2011)


    No description
    Year: 2011 Country:Japan Duration: no information
    IMDB:6,2 hq 6742
  • Watch Party Like a Roman Emperor (9 February 2012)

    Party Like a Roman Emperor

    Dylan Marer is one of Hollywoods leading party planners, creating huge over-the-top events for many A-List stars, but now hes tackling something even bigger Las Vegas. Dylan has been asked...
    Year: 2012 Country:USA Duration: no information
    IMDB:8,4 720p 8084
  • Watch Jai Hanuman (3 March 1997)

    Jai Hanuman

    No description
    Year: 1997 Country:India Duration: no information
    IMDB:8,8 1280p 1795
  • Watch OJ Mania: The Media Trial of OJ Simpson (1994)

    OJ Mania: The Media Trial of OJ Simpson

    A probing analysis of the media mayhem and madness surrounding the OJ Simpson story, raising key questions about society, justice, and morality in the age of television.
    Year: 1994 Country:UK Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A 1280p 5401
  • Watch Nell Gwyn (22 January 1935)

    Nell Gwyn

    This is one of my favorite movies. Sir Cedric Hardwicke is brilliant as the lonely King Charles II. Mostly forgotten today, Hardwicke, in my humble opinion, was the greatest actor...
    Year: 1935 Country:UK Duration: 1h 25min
    IMDB:6,6 HD 5150
  • Watch Gekijouban Tenpesuto 3D (28 January 2012)

    Gekijouban Tenpesuto 3D

    No description
    Year: 2012 Country:Japan Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A HD 7551
  • Watch Shinsengumi! Hijikata Toshizô saigo no ichi-nichi (3 January 2006)

    Shinsengumi! Hijikata Toshizô saigo no ichi-nichi

    No description
    Year: 2006 Country:Japan Duration: no information
    IMDB:7,3 Full HD 1875
  • Watch Chandra Nandini (10 October 2016)

    Chandra Nandini

    A drama about Chandragupta, the founder of the Maurya empire, a great warrior and ruler, known for uniting the Indian sub-continent. However, there remains his unexplored love story with Nandini,...
    Year: 2016 Country:India Duration: 20min
    IMDB:7,7 Fullscreen (FS) 5558
  • Watch Miraculous (1 October 2014)


    No description
    Year: 2014 Country:UK Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A Full HD 5685
  • Watch Jeong Do-jeon (4 January 2014)

    Jeong Do-jeon

    Set between late Goryeo Dynasty and early Joseon Dynasty period. Jung Do-Jeon plans for the new country of Joseon and new culture as an influential advisor to King Taejo. Jung...
    Year: 2014 Country:South Korea Duration: no information
    IMDB:8,6 1280p 3389
  • Watch Blood Feuds (6 January 2016)

    Blood Feuds

    Bill the Butcher vs. John Morrisey. The Hatfields vs. the McCoys. Soapy Smith vs. Frank Reid. These are the rivalries that defined American history, as foes became fatalities in the...
    Year: 2016 Country:USA Duration: no information
    IMDB:7 hq 2245
  • Watch 2004 MTV Movie Awards (10 June 2004)

    2004 MTV Movie Awards

    This years Movie Awards were the funniest in a long time and its good to see a shift in the right direction. Though there wasnt much emphasis on the hostess...
    Year: 2004 Country:USA Duration: 2h
    IMDB:4 HD 6362
  • Watch Lokmanya Ek Yugpurush (2 January 2015)

    Lokmanya Ek Yugpurush

    First of all the movie is technically brilliant. The cinematography, visuals and sets looked authentic. The story chugs along at a good pace and does not get melodramatic or jingoistic...
    Year: 2015 Country:India Duration: 2h 19min
    IMDB:8,3 1280p 4447
  • Watch Salah Al-deen Al-Ayyobi (2001)

    Salah Al-deen Al-Ayyobi

    A Syrian series about the crusades and the Muslim leader Saladin and his conquest of Jerusalem.
    Year: 2001 Country:Syria Duration: no information
    IMDB:7,3 hq 4143
  • Watch The Conquering Horde (1 March 1931)

    The Conquering Horde

    The title of this film is never explained possibly The Conquering Horde refers to a cattle stampede. Certainly the stampede sequence in this movie is one of its (few) highlights.Taisie...
    Year: 1931 Country:USA Duration: 1h 15min
    IMDB:6,8 mp4 2593
  • Watch The Victorias Secret Fashion Show (30 November 2010)

    The Victorias Secret Fashion Show

    Every year I find plenty to love about this show. But I also love to be a critic and this year I have SO MUCH bad material to pick on....
    Year: 2010 Country:USA Duration: no information
    IMDB:8,5 1280p 4133
  • Watch Timelines (15 February 2007)


    No description
    Year: 2007 Country:UK Duration: 5h
    IMDB:N/A 720p 241
  • Watch Dieppe (Information not found)


    This movie is very well done, all in all, in portraying a very touchy, more touchy than something like the bloody Omaha landings for one reason - it didnt work,...
    Year: 2018 Country:Canada Duration: no information
    IMDB:7 Full HD 8271
  • Watch Cervantes, la búsqueda (22 April 2016)

    Cervantes, la búsqueda

    February 2015: The whereabouts of the tomb of Miguel de Cervantes remains a mystery, four centuries after his death. A pointer scientific team searching his bones in an old convent...
    Year: 2016 Country:Spain Duration: 1h 19min
    IMDB:8,3 mp4 372
  • Watch Oh-Oku: The Women of the Inner Palace (23 December 2006)

    Oh-Oku: The Women of the Inner Palace

    Nothings more tragically mesmerizing than scandal behind castle walls amongst power-hungry, back-stabbing, sex-starved wives and concubines.Ooku also known as Oh-Oku: The Women of the Inner Palace is set during the...
    Year: 2006 Country:Japan Duration: no information
    IMDB:6,7 Full HD 7777
  • Watch Sanada Taiheiki (3 April 1985)

    Sanada Taiheiki

    Every year in Japan, the Japan Broadcasting Company (NHK) air a weekly year-long historical Taiga drama. In 1985-86, that series was Sanada Taiheiki (Saga Of The Sanada Clan), charting the...
    Year: 1985 Country:Japan Duration: no information
    IMDB:8,3 HD 2890
  • Watch Back in Time for Christmas (14 December 2015)

    Back in Time for Christmas

    The Robshaws return as they travel through six decades experiencing the festivities of the time from the 40s all the way up to the 90s.
    Year: 2015 Country:UK Duration: no information
    IMDB:7,8 1080p 2594
  • Watch Giles and Sues Royal Wedding (27 April 2011)

    Giles and Sues Royal Wedding

    No description
    Year: 2011 Country:UK Duration: 50min
    IMDB:6,4 Full HD 4723
  • Watch Mawkib Al-Ebaa (2005)

    Mawkib Al-Ebaa

    No description
    Year: 2005 Country:Syria Duration: no information
    IMDB:5,7 Fullscreen (FS) 7043
  • Watch Inventions That Shook the World (13 July 2011)

    Inventions That Shook the World

    No description
    Year: 2011 Country:Canada Duration: no information
    IMDB:8,1 hq 7237
  • Watch America Is Still the Place (1 November 2017)

    America Is Still the Place

    A black Korean War veteran and his family try to realize their dream of economic independence and to be a boss in the early era of civil rights in San...
    Year: 2017 Country:USA Duration: 1h 30min
    IMDB:7,1 HD 920
  • Watch Myung-dang (Information not found)


    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:South Korea Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A HD 6783
  • Watch Stavisky, lescroc du siècle (13 January 2016)

    Stavisky, lescroc du siècle

    This is a wonderful, complicated, extremely intelligent movie. I cannot even begin to understand why it is not much more highly rated by 2imdb voters. It depicts the true story...
    Year: 2016 Country:France Duration: no information
    IMDB:5,8 Full HD 4562
  • Watch Laveau (Information not found)


    Born in 19th century New Orleans, Marie Laveau was on path to lead the life of a typical free woman of color. Facing loss and uncertainty, she relies on her...
    Year: 2018 Country:USA Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A hq 2123
  • Watch American Patriots (Information not found)

    American Patriots

    Historical Drama based on revolutionary war heros and campaigns in North Carolina during the years 1761 and 1776.
    Year: 2018 Country:USA Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A HD 7625
  • Watch Kusa-Paba (26 January 2012)


    No description
    Year: 2012 Country:Sri Lanka Duration: 1h 54min
    IMDB:7,6 Fullscreen (FS) 4849
  • Watch Vampires: Rise of the Fallen (21 December 2012)

    Vampires: Rise of the Fallen

    Beware the flies that buzzeth: they are drawn to the pile of human excrement that is this film. How do you put a one hundred year-old crone in tight leather...
    Year: 2012 Country:USA Duration: no information
    IMDB:2,9 1080p 477
  • Watch Raspoutine (Information not found)


    Rasputin, the Healer, Le guérisseur en français, sattache au destin du sibérien mystique..Grigori Efimovich Rasputin soignait les chevaux, et les fermiers de son village Sibérien de Prokoskoie. Ce don inexpliqué...
    Year: 2018 Country:France Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A HD Cam 3664
  • Watch Toussaint Louverture (14 February 2012)

    Toussaint Louverture

    No description
    Year: 2012 Country:France Duration: 3h
    IMDB:7,1 2K 2195
  • Watch The Independence of Romania (1 September 1912)

    The Independence of Romania

    An amazing film for that era... This was the first feature film to last 2 hours (from which about 20 minutes are lost).Ionut Niculescu and Tudor Caranfil discovered in 1985...
    Year: 1912 Country:Romania Duration: 2h
    IMDB:6,8 4K 2007
  • Watch Bir zamanlar Osmanli: Kiyam (12 March 2012)

    Bir zamanlar Osmanli: Kiyam

    the Ottoman Empire in the middle of XVIII century. a brave hero, fighting for his love and against a corrupt regime. an original bad guy, exposing his sins and small...
    Year: 2012 Country:Turkey Duration: no information
    IMDB:5,6 1080p 2853
  • Watch 1599: A True Story of the Elizabethan Court (30 June 2016)

    1599: A True Story of the Elizabethan Court

    No description
    Year: 2016 Country:UK Duration: 1h 37min
    IMDB:N/A 1080p 244
  • Watch Sommer der Gaukler (22 December 2011)

    Sommer der Gaukler

    Summer 1780: On the way to Salzburg Emanuel Schikaneders theatre group gets held up in a small mountain village on the Austrian border due to a missing performance permit. In...
    Year: 2011 Country:Germany Duration: 1h 50min
    IMDB:6,1 mp4 2118
  • Watch The Gospel of Lucer (Information not found)

    The Gospel of Lucer

    After finding his colleague brutally murdered, an eccentric archaeologist is unwillingly thrust into a widespread hunt to stop a fanatic brotherhood and unveil the true origin of humanity.
    Year: 2018 Country:USA Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A hq 7305
  • Watch Naxal (19 June 2015)


    The period was early 1970s. Brilliant brains from Calcutta Medical College to Presidency College, from Calcutta University to Bengal Engineering College, the meritorious boys and girls plunged into the revolution...
    Year: 2015 Country:India Duration: 1h 43min
    IMDB:7,1 HD Cam 135
  • Watch Hason Raja (31 March 2017)

    Hason Raja

    Biopic on Hason Raja, a Bengali poet, mystic philosopher and songwriter, who was a ruthless king once until he met Dilaram..
    Year: 2017 Country:Bangladesh Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A 720p 5840
  • Watch Quijote (23 March 2012)


    No description
    Year: 2012 Country:Italy Duration: 1h 15min
    IMDB:6,8 720p 1767
  • Watch Masoomiyat Az Dast Rafte (2002)

    Masoomiyat Az Dast Rafte

    No description
    Year: 2002 Country:Iran Duration: no information
    IMDB:5,9 2K 6393
  • Watch Broadway to Hollywood (15 September 1933)

    Broadway to Hollywood

    The idea of showing the history of Broadway through a fictional family dynasty that lasts three generations is a very good one. And, in the process, they could have done...
    Year: 1933 Country:USA Duration: 1h 25min
    IMDB:5,8 HD Cam 4764
  • Watch Timeline (1 February 1989)


    Recreations of historical events staged as news reports. Sounds simple, eh? But its the clever way its put together, and the historical accuracy the show strove for that makes it...
    Year: 1989 Country:USA Duration: 30min
    IMDB:8,6 4K 5437
  • Watch Gunshi Kanbee (5 January 2014)

    Gunshi Kanbee

    The 50-episode annual Japanese NHK drama in 2014 was Gunshi Kanbee (Strategist Kanbee). This series follows the story of Kuroda Kanbee (played by pop star Okada Junichi) through one of...
    Year: 2014 Country:Japan Duration: no information
    IMDB:8,4 hq 4804
  • Watch Railways of the Great War (4 August 2014)

    Railways of the Great War

    No description
    Year: 2014 Country:UK Duration: no information
    IMDB:8,3 HD Cam 6116
  • Watch Normandy: The Great Crusade (1994)

    Normandy: The Great Crusade

    One of the most beautifully done and deeply moving documentaries about the Normandy invasion by the allies in June, 1944. Expert use of vintage footage is incorporated skillfully and carefully...
    Year: 1994 Country:USA Duration: 53min
    IMDB:8,2 mp4 149
  • Watch Kahi suni (2015)

    Kahi suni

    Sara Khan acts as travel guide to colorful Indian locations steeped in history as she delves into the stories associated with these legendary spots.
    Year: 2015 Country:India Duration: 22min
    IMDB:8,4 1080p 7021
  • Watch Raja Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyan (2014)

    Raja Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyan

    Explore the history and flavors of regional Indian cuisine, from traditional Kashmiri feasts to the vegetarian dishes of Gujarat.
    Year: 2014 Country:India Duration: 45min
    IMDB:8,7 Full HD 3593
  • Watch Siyaasat (20 November 2014)


    Siyaasat is a drama about the Mughal political battle for Akbars throne entwined with the Salim- Mehrunissa love story, a couple who fought against all odds to become a formidable...
    Year: 2014 Country:India Duration: 45min
    IMDB:7,8 1080p 3599
  • Watch Christopher Marlowe (Information not found)

    Christopher Marlowe

    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:no information Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A 4K 7350
  • Watch Seventh Soldier (26 March 2014)

    Seventh Soldier

    A supernatural thriller set in Normandy, France during WW2 in 1944. A squad of American paratroopers go on a reconnaissance mission behind enemy lines. As events unfold and the reality...
    Year: 2014 Country:UK Duration: 49min
    IMDB:5,8 HD 3969
  • Watch Tony Robinsons World War 1 (October 2014)

    Tony Robinsons World War 1

    No description
    Year: 2014 Country:UK Duration: no information
    IMDB:9,2 1280p 3372
  • Watch Full Steam Ahead Episode #1.1 (21 July 2016)

    Full Steam Ahead Episode #1.1

    The team of historians examine how the golden age of steam changed Britain in unexpected ways, starting with domestic life. From slate roof tiles to the coal fire the railways...
    Year: 2016 Country:UK Duration: 1h
    IMDB:8,4 HD Cam 5279