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Behind the Mask (1946)

Lamont Cranston, aka the Shadow, has his hands full as the murder of blackmailing reporter Jeff Mann is blamed on him. Not only does the real murderer seem one step ahead of him as Lamont tries to discover his identity, but he is continually hampered from gaining crucial evidence by his jealous, interfering fiancée Margo Lane. Cranston perseveres and is rewarded with the clue he needs at one of Manns victims nightclubs.

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  • Director: Phil Karlson, William Beaudine (uncredited)
  • Producer: Arthur Hoerl (story), George Callahan (screenplay)
  • Famous actors: Kane Richmond, Barbara Read, George Chandler
  • Category: Mystery, Only one category Mystery
  • Country: USA
  • Rating IMDB: 4,9
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 25 May 1946
  • Duration: 1h 8min
  • Cast: Kane Richmond, Barbara Read, George Chandler, Dorothea Kent, Joseph Crehan, Pierre Watkin, Robert Shayne, June Clyde, James Cardwell, Marjorie Hoshelle, Joyce Compton, Edward Gargan, Lou Crosby, Bill Christy, Nancy Brinckman

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Behind the Mask
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Detras de la mascara
40 days
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Atrás da máscara
81 days
6.81 GB
Download movie Behind the Mask
Hinter der Maske
79 hours
8.78 GB
Download movie Behind the Mask
Dietro la maschera
15 days
5.6 GB
Download movie Behind the Mask
Derrière le masque
59 days
4.45 GB
Download movie Behind the Mask

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