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En kärleks sommar (1979)

The middle-aged married scientist David falls in love head over heels with the teenage girl Eva.

Information: 1080p

  • Director: Mats Arehn
  • Producer: Håkan Alexandersson (first scenario), Jonas Cornell (screenplay)
  • Famous actors: Gösta Ekman, Maria Andersson, Anita Ekström
  • Category: Romance, Only one category Romance
  • Country: Sweden
  • Rating IMDB: 5,1
  • Language: Swedish
  • Release date: 21 February 1979
  • Duration: 1h 38min
  • Cast: Gösta Ekman, Maria Andersson, Anita Ekström, Linda Megner, Sanna Hultman, Kjell Bergqvist, Sylvia Lindenstrand, Henri Hanus-Haim, Lauritz Falk, Stig Ossian Ericson, Tomas Norström, Peter Hüttner, Jan Jaegestedt, Jan Waldekranz, Ingvar Petrow

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