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La cruz (2012)

Vero learns to drive with her father, who has not seen her for years. An unexpected event drives them to horror in a clift area known as The Cross.

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  • Director: Alberto Evangelio
  • Producer: Alberto Evangelio
  • Famous actors: Pablo Castañón, Sandra Cervera, Ramón Ibarra
  • Category: Short, Horror, Mystery
  • Country: Spain
  • Rating IMDB: 6,6
  • Language: Spanish
  • Release date: September 2012
  • Duration: 10min
  • Cast: Pablo Castañón, Sandra Cervera, Ramón Ibarra

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Log In Sign Up. Showing results for cruz. The cross on the map indicates where the treasure is buried.
Puerto de la Cruz is a city and municipality in the northern part of the island of Tenerife , Canary Islands , Spain.
Porque la palabra de la cruz es locura a los que se pierden; pero a los que se salvan, esto es, a nosotros, es poder de Dios. Donde abre la puerta, el camino y la vida a la eternidad para nosotros que no Le merecemos. Las consecuencias de la Cruz incluyen: Los sepulcros se abrieron:
La Cruz Spanish pronunciation: The Mediterranean climate of Chile's Zona Central allows for a rich quality and variety of flora and fauna.
Puerto La Cruz Spanish pronunciation: It is the seat of the Juan Antonio Sotillo Municipality.