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Open Court (2011)

Former NBA stars sit down and talk about different topics about the league

Information: 720p

  • Famous actors: Steve Smith, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith
  • Category: Sport, Talk-Show
  • Country: USA
  • Rating IMDB: 9,2
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 1 November 2011
  • Cast: Steve Smith, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Shaquille ONeal, Steve Kerr, Chris Webber, Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Isiah Thomas

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Common law requires a trial in open court; "open court" means a court to which the public has a right to be admitted. This term may mean either a court that has been formally convened and declared open for the transaction of its proper judicial business or a court that is freely open to spectators. The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution, later applied to the states under the 14th Amendment, guarantees criminal defendants a "public trial," so all criminal proceedings are held in "open court.