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A Million Little Pieces (2008)

With no sound, with no dialogue, monologue or action, Nigel Tomms film adaptation of James Freys book A Million Little Pieces is the transfer of the story to the space of art. Somebody calls it absolute art. Somebody calls it abstract film. Somebody calls it fraud. Totally innocent yet completely alluring. Let your eyes judge the ultimate beauty.

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  • Category: Unknow, Only one category Unknow
  • Country: USA
  • Rating IMDB: 1,4
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 22 September 2008
  • Duration: 1h 10min

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A Million Little Pieces
11 minut
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Un millón de piezas pequeñas
56 minut
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Download movie A Million Little Pieces
Um milhão de pequenas peças
98 days
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Eine Millionen kleine Stücke
21 minut
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Un milione di piccoli pezzi
73 days
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HD Cam
Download movie A Million Little Pieces
Un million de petites pièces
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Download movie A Million Little Pieces

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A Million Little Pieces.
In an extraordinary reversal of her defense of the author whose memoir she catapulted to the top of the best-seller lists, Oprah Winfrey rebuked James Frey, the author of "A Million Little Pieces," on her television show yesterday for lying about his past and portraying the book as a truthful account of his life. In the three months after Ms. Winfrey chose "A Million Little Pieces" as part of her television book club, more than two million copies were sold, making it the fastest-selling book in the club's year history.
This quality remains constant throughout the book but is put to different, more constructive uses as the story progresses. It is fair to say that James is stubborn, even selfish, as the story opens. He flat-out refuses to allow anyone to help or even befriend him in the beginning stages of his stay at the clinic, which results in a very lonely existence. Throughout the book, James wanders the halls of the clinic, thinking about how badly he needs to feed himself.
A Million Little Pieces opens with the narrator, James , waking up on an airplane with no idea where he is going. He has a hole in his cheek, four broken teeth, and a broken nose. James eventually finds out that the plane is bound for Chicago and that a doctor and two unidentified men brought him on board. James lands to find his parents, who have come all the way from Tokyo to pick him up, waiting for him.