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  • Watch The Battle of Trafalgar (22 September 1911)

    The Battle of Trafalgar

    The Battle of Trafalgar, arresting as it did the power of Napoleon, just when that power seemed to develop into omnipotence, is justly counted among the fifteen decisive battles of...
    Year: 1911 Country:USA Duration: 51min
    IMDB:N/A Full HD 916
  • Watch Folgore Division (14 November 1955)

    Folgore Division

    No description
    Year: 1955 Country:Italy Duration: 1h 24min
    IMDB:7,3 HD Cam 4439
  • Watch Kurukshetra (8 October 2008)


    In the Kargil war of 1999, an Indian commander faces off against his Pakistani counterpart.
    Year: 2008 Country:India Duration: 1h 49min
    IMDB:5,7 Fullscreen (FS) 681
  • Watch Konjuh planinom (2 March 1966)

    Konjuh planinom

    An exciting story of Husine coalminers who formed a partisan batch and put up an armed resistance during WW2 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    Year: 1966 Country:Yugoslavia Duration: 1h 43min
    IMDB:6,7 HD Cam 8198
  • Watch The Bloody Battle of Taierzhuang (Information not found)

    The Bloody Battle of Taierzhuang

    The literal translation of the title of this movie is: the Bloody battle at the Village of Tai-Er.This war movie, like most Chinese war movies, are based on the true...
    Year: 2018 Country:China Duration: 2h
    IMDB:7,2 1080p 5540
  • Watch The Great Military March Forward: Engulf the Southwest (1998)

    The Great Military March Forward: Engulf the Southwest

    Set in late period of the War of Liberation, Liu Bo-Cheng and Deng Xiao-Pings army march forward to southwest China.
    Year: 1998 Country:China Duration: 2h 24min
    IMDB:N/A HD 7410
  • Watch Bloody Tale (17 October 1969)

    Bloody Tale

    In 1969, A Bloody Tale was released in Yugoslavia as a film of the 1941 Kragujevac Massacre in Serbia.How accurate is the film? Was the Kragujevac Massacre precipitated by a...
    Year: 1969 Country:Yugoslavia Duration: 1h 28min
    IMDB:6,6 1080p 7084
  • Watch Enemy Aliens (Information not found)

    Enemy Aliens

    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:no information Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A HD 6975
  • Watch Boyevoy kinosbornik 6 (24 November 1941)

    Boyevoy kinosbornik 6

    No description
    Year: 1941 Country:Soviet Union Duration: no information
    IMDB:8,2 mp4 1879
  • Watch The Americans in the Bulge (5 September 2010)

    The Americans in the Bulge

    Richard and his team have created a compelling reselling of the Battle of the Bulge.with this outing. You really get a sense of what it was like to be there...
    Year: 2010 Country:Ireland Duration: 1h 30min
    IMDB:7,7 720p 6156
  • Watch Lager Nis (2 July 1987)

    Lager Nis

    The tragic story of a group of prisoners, ordinary people, were detained in the camp at Lager in Naise at the beginning of WWII, after that mighty torture and abuse...
    Year: 1987 Country:Yugoslavia Duration: 1h 33min
    IMDB:6,4 HD 5030
  • Watch Landmine Warfare (Information not found)

    Landmine Warfare

    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:China Duration: 1h 30min
    IMDB:6,2 hq 1388
  • Watch Ba bai (Information not found)

    Ba bai

    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:China Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A 4K 5671
  • Watch Moment (1978)


    A young man from the banks of the Ibar River goes to the revolutionary war. It turns out to be one of the key moments that will later leave marks...
    Year: 1978 Country:Yugoslavia Duration: 1h 42min
    IMDB:8 HD 7045
  • Watch The Girl (7 May 1965)

    The Girl

    A WW2 love story between a village girl and a partisan. A personal views on war are seen through the eyes of the two above, the local photographer, and German...
    Year: 1965 Country:Yugoslavia Duration: 1h 30min
    IMDB:7,7 1080p 6909
  • Watch Chistilishche (23 March 1998)


    Not an easy piece of cinema to swallow, but still a great movie!Being a sort of a documentary-like this movie is not easy to watch. The bloody scenes arent easy...
    Year: 1998 Country:Russia Duration: 2h
    IMDB:7,2 hq 7184
  • Watch 13 Men and a Gun (June 1938)

    13 Men and a Gun

    No description
    Year: 1938 Country:UK Duration: 1h 4min
    IMDB:N/A HD Cam 2811
  • Watch Ubiytsy vykhodyat na dorogu (Information not found)

    Ubiytsy vykhodyat na dorogu

    Consists of a series of playlets, portraying National Socialist Germany of the 1930s as a land of poverty, violence, fear and pretence. Nazi antisemitism is depicted in several of the...
    Year: 2018 Country:Soviet Union Duration: 1h
    IMDB:7,5 4K 1463
  • Watch The Red Detachment of Women (1961)

    The Red Detachment of Women

    This film was a huge hit in mainland China and is now considered as a classic. Back in 1960s, war films made in mainland China rarely depicts personal feelings of...
    Year: 1961 Country:China Duration: 1h 32min
    IMDB:7 HD Cam 3950
  • Watch Mr. Winkle Goes to War (19 July 1944)

    Mr. Winkle Goes to War

    In the early 1940s, Hollywood made a lot of positive propaganda films in order to encourage Americans to get behind the war effort. Many of them were far from realistic...
    Year: 1944 Country:USA Duration: 1h 20min
    IMDB:6,8 mp4 1552
  • Watch Gonin no totsugeki tai (26 April 1961)

    Gonin no totsugeki tai

    No description
    Year: 1961 Country:Japan Duration: 1h 59min
    IMDB:N/A hq 3056
  • Watch See It Through (24 September 2006)

    See It Through

    France 1944. Battle weary sergeant, John Kaufman, leads his disillusioned squad on a reconnaissance mission behind enemy lines. As events unfold and the reality of their situation becomes ever more...
    Year: 2006 Country:UK Duration: 1h 15min
    IMDB:6 HD Cam 1613
  • Watch From This Day (12 February 2012)

    From This Day

    In Germanys Hurtgen Forest, during the final days of World War 2, an exhausted and overwhelmed band of American army paratroopers fight for survival amid a deadly hidden threat, escalating...
    Year: 2012 Country:UK Duration: 1h
    IMDB:7,4 1080p 1341
  • Watch Kongo (18 October 2010)


    A story about post-World-War-II German soldiers who are not all morally and ethically perfect is unusual, although I expect this will change in the coming years.The story of the investigation...
    Year: 2010 Country:Germany Duration: 1h 30min
    IMDB:6,3 hq 2670
  • Watch Oseka (23 April 1969)


    1941, Serbia, Yugoslavia. A remote village in Serbia in 1941. Through the fate of rural residents and the destiny of a partisan detachment reflected the horror and absurdity of war...
    Year: 1969 Country:Yugoslavia Duration: 1h 40min
    IMDB:6,1 Full HD 7548
  • Watch Di dao zhan (Information not found)

    Di dao zhan

    Chinese excavated a lot of tunnels in middle Hebei flatlands and fight invaders in these tunnels in the anti-Japanese war.
    Year: 2018 Country:China Duration: 1h 42min
    IMDB:6,8 4K 1290
  • Watch Eyewitness War (1 July 2013)

    Eyewitness War

    Military engagements narrated and filmed via 1st person helmet cam by the soldiers involved.
    Year: 2013 Country:USA Duration: no information
    IMDB:7,3 720p 2373
  • Watch American Patriot (Information not found)

    American Patriot

    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:no information Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A HD Cam 5588
  • Watch Fight to the Death (Information not found)

    Fight to the Death

    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:Australia Duration: 1h 40min
    IMDB:N/A hq 5765
  • Watch Purple Sunset (Information not found)

    Purple Sunset

    I saw the film last night and it impressed me a lot. It is really a good film. The film not only focused on the war but also focused on...
    Year: 2018 Country:China Duration: 1h 46min
    IMDB:7,1 mp4 6132
  • Watch Shell Shock (12 February 2009)

    Shell Shock

    Tom was a soldier, a British veteran of an anonymous war from the 1990s. Whilst serving, soldiers under his command were separated from the rest of his patrol and ambushed....
    Year: 2009 Country:UK Duration: 1h 15min
    IMDB:6,1 hq 5038
  • Watch Crveni udar (26 July 1974)

    Crveni udar

    At the beginning of the war the Germans come to the mine Trepca in Kosovo and occupy it. Communist Party and the workers do not agree with that and under...
    Year: 1974 Country:Yugoslavia Duration: 1h 35min
    IMDB:6,8 HD Cam 7792
  • Watch The Cyclists (14 July 1970)

    The Cyclists

    A small town in the first year of the war. A story about young seamstress, a student, a traitor and two Czech artists, their joining the partisans. All of them...
    Year: 1970 Country:Yugoslavia Duration: 1h 31min
    IMDB:6 1280p 5168
  • Watch Two Worlds (21 November 1930)

    Two Worlds

    An old Jew is forced to hied the Austrian lieutenant who killed his son and loves his daughter.
    Year: 1930 Country:UK Duration: 1h 35min
    IMDB:N/A HD 7353
  • Watch The Death Match (Information not found)

    The Death Match

    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:no information Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A Full HD 1556
  • Watch Vstrecha na Elbe (16 March 1949)

    Vstrecha na Elbe

    This simple propaganda film contains tons of disputable things and at least two twists at the end.There is quite a bit of responsibility hanging over a reviewer, who is the...
    Year: 1949 Country:Soviet Union Duration: 1h 44min
    IMDB:6,5 720p 4202
  • Watch Ashghal haye Doost Dashtani (Information not found)

    Ashghal haye Doost Dashtani

    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:Iran Duration: no information
    IMDB:8,4 HD Cam 3103
  • Watch Submarines: Sharks of Steel (1993)

    Submarines: Sharks of Steel

    Though this Time-Life video is about various modern subs, it takes you into a voyage of an American nuclear missile submarine, a boomer. Watching the for-the-camera action onboard is not...
    Year: 1993 Country:Australia Duration: 4h
    IMDB:8 mp4 3416
  • Watch Armoured Car 008 (1980)

    Armoured Car 008

    The PLA crew of tank 008 fights heroically in the Sino-Vietnamese War.
    Year: 1980 Country:China Duration: 1h 20min
    IMDB:N/A hq 4464
  • Watch Squadron Leader X (10 May 1943)

    Squadron Leader X

    Equipped with an RAF uniform, an English accent, a photograph of his wife and a packet of Players (cigarettes), a German agent is parachuted into occupied Belgium to create anti-British...
    Year: 1943 Country:UK Duration: 1h 30min
    IMDB:7,9 1280p 4138
  • Watch Giovanni de Medici: The Leader (4 January 1940)

    Giovanni de Medici: The Leader

    No description
    Year: 1940 Country:Italy Duration: 1h 28min
    IMDB:6,8 2K 2354
  • Watch Call for Fire (15 November 2017)

    Call for Fire

    Two Air Force Combat Controllers at the end of their careers take on one last mission in Afghanistan. The plot centers around how their famous missions Call For Fire has...
    Year: 2017 Country:USA Duration: 1h 42min
    IMDB:8,5 2K 7617
  • Watch Going After Cacciato (Information not found)

    Going After Cacciato

    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:no information Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A 720p 482
  • Watch Bazdashtgah (Information not found)


    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:Iran Duration: no information
    IMDB:4,2 2K 2551
  • Watch Confederate Cavalry (4 January 2014)

    Confederate Cavalry

    No description
    Year: 2014 Country:USA Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A Full HD 5213
  • Watch Anahy de las Misiones (Information not found)

    Anahy de las Misiones

    Told by gauchos from Brazil, Argentina and Uruguai, the legend says that Anahy de las Missiones wandered around the Plata Basin during the time of Cisplatina War (1825-1828), stealing the...
    Year: 2018 Country:Brazil Duration: 1h 47min
    IMDB:7,1 HD Cam 215
  • Watch American Patriot (Information not found)

    American Patriot

    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:no information Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A mp4 2752
  • Watch Don Winslow of the Coast Guard (6 April 1943)

    Don Winslow of the Coast Guard

    Its hard to believe that this is the follow up to Don Winslow of the Navy. Something must have happened at Universal to cause this low budget disaster.Poor production values...
    Year: 1943 Country:USA Duration: 4h 5min
    IMDB:6,2 4K 2261
  • Watch Do Not Mention the Cause of Death (18 July 1968)

    Do Not Mention the Cause of Death

    In an atmosphere of WWII, a village dyer wants to help his folks in their sorrow and distress by supplying them with the black paint, but there is not enough...
    Year: 1968 Country:Yugoslavia Duration: 1h 32min
    IMDB:6,8 Fullscreen (FS) 4382
  • Watch Istrebiteli. Posledniy boy (2015)

    Istrebiteli. Posledniy boy

    Very few westerners realise just how much the Soviets gave in WW2. Its not all Battle of Britain, El Alemain and D-Day. They fought not just their system but the...
    Year: 2015 Country:Russia Duration: no information
    IMDB:8 720p 3276
  • Watch Wolf of Prokletije (9 February 1968)

    Wolf of Prokletije

    Uka is an old Albanian who lives in the mountains on the border of Kosovo and Albania. As an honorable man, he must deal with his son who befriended Italian...
    Year: 1968 Country:Yugoslavia Duration: 1h 25min
    IMDB:7,7 1080p 5325
  • Watch Fighter Attack (29 November 1953)

    Fighter Attack

    Little seen or remembered, Fighter attack is a very ordinary World War II film that can only be recommended to the staunchest of Sterling Hayden fans. Set in Nazi occupied...
    Year: 1953 Country:USA Duration: 1h 20min
    IMDB:5,5 1080p 4730
  • Watch Nashestvie (22 February 1945)


    No description
    Year: 1945 Country:Soviet Union Duration: 1h 40min
    IMDB:6,5 Fullscreen (FS) 2076
  • Watch De leeuw van Vlaanderen (14 March 1985)

    De leeuw van Vlaanderen

    De leeuw van Vlaanderen is a medieval movie about the Flemish resistance against the French invading armies in 1302. The Flemish peasants won the battle because of their courage and...
    Year: 1985 Country:Belgium Duration: 1h 30min
    IMDB:5,7 hq 1242
  • Watch Front za liniey fronta (9 October 1978)

    Front za liniey fronta

    Front za liniey fronta (1977) is the second episode, after Front bez flangov (1974) in the trilogy about the partisans fighting against the Nazis during the WWII on the territory...
    Year: 1978 Country:Soviet Union Duration: 2h 44min
    IMDB:5,8 1080p 4394
  • Watch Front bez flangov (28 April 1975)

    Front bez flangov

    Front bez flangov (1974) is the first episode in the trilogy about the Russian partisans resistance against the Nazi occupation of Russia during WWII. The film is set in August...
    Year: 1975 Country:Soviet Union Duration: 2h 50min
    IMDB:6 4K 6166
  • Watch A u nas byla tishina... (1 November 1979)

    A u nas byla tishina...

    No description
    Year: 1979 Country:Soviet Union Duration: 1h 23min
    IMDB:6,8 4K 4233
  • Watch Harrowing (Information not found)


    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:USA Duration: no information
    IMDB:N/A 4K 7698
  • Watch Plutôt mourir que mourir (11 April 2018)

    Plutôt mourir que mourir

    No description
    Year: 2018 Country:France Duration: 1h 6min
    IMDB:N/A 4K 959
  • Watch Suicide Battalion (February 1958)

    Suicide Battalion

    Edward Cahn directs this very low budget war yarn. Mike Connors leads a special squad assigned to destroy top intelligence papers in the Philippines. The mission is almost suicidal, because...
    Year: 1958 Country:USA Duration: 1h 19min
    IMDB:4,3 4K 3319