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Our War (2009)

Our War is a Danish TV-series directed by six acclaimed directors, who were given the task to give their personal view on Denmark being a country at war. You have seen war - now you will feel it.

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  • Famous actors: Gitte Borup, Søren Gade
  • Category: War, Only one category War
  • Country: Denmark
  • Rating IMDB: 8,8
  • Language: Danish
  • Release date: 17 November 2009
  • Duration: 25min
  • Cast: Gitte Borup, Søren Gade

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Our War
4 minut
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Nuestra guerra
40 days
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Full HD
Download movie Our War
Nossa guerra
24 minut
9.73 GB
Download movie Our War
Unser Krieg
58 days
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Download movie Our War
La nostra guerra
75 days
8.37 GB
Download movie Our War
Notre guerre
31 days
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The second film in a three part minute award winning series that captured the camaraderie and dangers faced by a British army platoon in Afghanistan during which Guardsman Jamie Janes was killed. His death soon became a turning point in the British public's awareness of the human cost of IEDs and sparked a political storm following a misspelled letter of condolence from the then Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. Three years ago I met Alex Rawlins, an enigmatic guitar playing platoon commander from the 1st Battalion of the Grenadier Guards off to fight in Afghanistan. Inspired I pitch the idea to the BBC of telling the story of the conflict using videos shot by soldiers themselves.
Our World War is a British television drama series based on eyewitness accounts of the soldiers who served in the First World War. The series shows how the war affected people on the battlefield. Joe Barton, the writer of the series, based this drama on first hand accounts of what happened during the First World War. The series makes use of modern film techniques like fixed, body-mounted cameras and overhead battle scene animations, alongside a modern soundtrack featuring artists such as PJ Harvey , to attract a new audience.
The Civil War remains "Our War" as a nation and a people, but first it belonged to the generation that lived it. In his new book, Mike Pride uses letters, diaries, and contemporary newspaper accounts to shape fifty stories of death, love, bravery, and survival. One story leads to another, and the war unfolds as New Hampshire men and women lived it from the heady days of to the bittersweet victory of Once again Mike Pride has brought the past alive with this insightful and moving reminder that the best history is more often than not a bottom-up history.
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Adrift starring Shailene Woodley is a top Watchlist pick this week.
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A soldier in the Manchester Pals regiment finds himself fighting both the Germans and a system that requires him to execute one of his pals. Following a single company of riflemen and machine gunners as they fight the first battle of the war against a vast German army, a battle which delivers the first four Victoria Crosses of the war.
Having received intelligence from the regular forces, a team of three GN-X types are standing by in the jungle, seeking clues to the location of a private armed organization's base. Then suddenly, they detect an enemy transport container on their sensors.