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The Left Handed Gun (1958)

William Bonney - Billy the Kid - gets a job with a cattleman known as The Englishman, and is befriended by the peaceful, religious man. But when a crooked sheriff and his men murder the Englishman because he plans to supply the local Army fort with his beef, Billy decides to avenge the death by killing the four men responsible, throwing the lives of everyone around him - Tom and Charlie, two hands he worked with Pat Garrett, who is about to be married and the kindly Mexican couple who take him in when hes in trouble - into turmoil, and endangering the General Amnesty set up by Governor Wallace to bring peace to the New Mexico Territory.

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  • Director: Arthur Penn
  • Producer: Leslie Stevens (screenplay), Gore Vidal (play)
  • Famous actors: Paul Newman, Lita Milan, John Dehner
  • Category: Western, Only one category Western
  • Country: USA
  • Rating IMDB: 6,5
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 17 May 1958
  • Duration: 1h 42min
  • Cast: Paul Newman, Lita Milan, John Dehner, Hurd Hatfield, James Congdon, James Best, Colin Keith-Johnston, John Dierkes, Robert Anderson, Wally Brown, Ainslie Pryor, Martin Garralaga, Denver Pyle, Paul Smith, Nestor Paiva

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Bonney was an American Old West outlaw and gunfighter who killed eight men before he was shot and killed at age McCarty was orphaned at age The owner of a boarding house gave him a room in exchange for work.
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